White Supremacists Boast About Crashing TPUSA Event

Updated | On October 27, 2019, the staff at Politicon — the annual non-partisan political conference held this year in Nashville, TN — were forced to deal with an unwanted presence. White nationalist and antisemite Nick Fuentes, who hosts the show America First on YouTube, had been spotted trying to access an event by headliner Charlie Kirk, the founder and head of TPUSA.

Fuentes and fellow white nationalist Vincent James Foxx of The Red Elephants had traveled to Nashville intent on crashing the conference. (Foxx was filmed in April 2017 asking a member of the white power Rise Above Movement to recite the “14 Words,” a Neo-Nazi slogan. In a deleted post on his website from July 2017, Foxx promoted the racist “Unite the Right” rally.)

Fuentes reported on Twitter that he “tried to enter Charlie Kirk’s event at Politicon” and was “surrounded by probably a dozen police officers who told me I wasn’t allowed to enter the event, no justification given.”

Fuentes and other white nationalists have been at war with mainstream conservatives — what they call “cuckservatives” or “Conservatism, Inc.” — because they promote policies that are too friendly to Israel and do not go far enough to restrict immigration. TPUSA, a conservative youth organization, is an ideal target, as white nationalists wish to siphon off young people into their movement.

At Politicon, Fuentes and Foxx took photos at the TPUSA booth while it was temporarily unmanned. The booth was advertising TPUSA’s “Culture War” campus tour. On October 29, at the “Culture War” event held at Ohio State University, several of Fuentes’ fans — which he dubbed his “groyper army” in reference to an alt-right memecrashed Charlie Kirk’s Q&A session.

White nationalist trolls reportedly grilled Charlie Kirk about the USS Liberty — an American spy ship that was mistakenly bombed by Israeli forces in 1967, during the Six Day War. One told the audience to look up “dancing Israelis” — a reference to a conspiracy theory which posits that the Mossad had a hand in the 9/11 attacks.

Another lambasted Kirk for tolerating gays and lesbians while brandishing a copy of Culture Wars Magazine, a publication by Catholic fascist and antisemite E. Michael Jones. American Identity Movement (formerly Identity Evropa) leader Patrick Casey asked whether or not they would be willing to debate him.

One person in a red MAGA hat asked about white people becoming a racial minority. “Can you prove that our white, European ideals can be maintained if the country’s majority is no longer made up of white, European descendants?” he asked. This was retweeted by the fringe media outlet The Columbia Bugle, which promotes white nationalist politics.

During a Halloween live stream for the white supremacist media outlet Red Ice, Foxx and other guests bragged about their success, and promised future disruptions of TPUSA events.

Foxx told co-hosts Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren — who were dressed as a niqāb-wearing Muslim and an Orthodox Jew respectively — that they would “keep amassing this sort of army” and direct a “barrage of questions” at Charlie Kirk and other TPUSA speakers. Colin “Millennial Woes” Robertson, who favors using deadly force against refugees, referred to them as the “grift Right.”

Palmgren speculated that TPUSA might cancel the rest of the “Culture War” tour, which Robertson said would be “an admission of total defeat.” Ethan Ralph, a former Gamergate troll, interjected to ask, “If they can’t even go around and stage these college events then what purpose do they even have to exist?”

Antisemitic pundit Ryan Dawson added that “cuckservatives have to have a controlled environment” in order to win arguments. Robertson then claimed that they would rather talk about “based, gay, black conservatives” than the attack on the USS Liberty, and Foxx asked how long it would be “before they’re hosting conservative drag queen story hour.”

Later, Foxx told Lokteff and Palmgren that “in order to get some of these other sort of popular conservative pundits on board like the Ann Coulters of the world,” they needed to highlight the “contradictions” of activists and pundits like Charlie Kirk on “demographics” and “immigration.” He then bragged that he had a chance to speak with Coulter at Politicon.

“And I told her that she needs to start calling people out like Charlie Kirk and some of these other fake conservatives on immigration, and she sorta gave me like this tight-lipped smile and simultaneous nod, basically telling me that she knew exactly what I was talking about,” said Foxx.

A Twitter account likely operated by Foxx tweeted photos of him and Coulter. “We need @AnnCoulter and @michellemalkin to join us in taking on conservatism INC. All hands on deck,” the tweet read. “They are exposing themselves as we speak. Vince said he hinted at this to Ann before the Ohio TP USA event.”

Coulter retweeted it:

Coulter Red Elephants

Ethnonationalist Michelle Malkin, who was also tagged in the tweet, retweeted it as well. Malkin wrote, “Taking on GOP open borders establishment, donor class & swamp lobbyists? See Invasion – 2002, Sold Out – 2015, CPAC 2019, and Open Borders Inc. – 2019. For starters.”

On Foxx’s Telegram channel he posted a screenshot of an email from Malkin thanking him for a favorable video and offering free copies of her anti-immigrant book Open Borders, Inc.: Who is Funding America’s Destruction? “Ok this is epic,” Foxx wrote approvingly:

Malkin Email

Coulter has promoted white supremacist content on Twitter, and once remarked that CNN employs a disproportionate number of Jews. She has also spoken out in defense of white supremacist and convicted murderer James Fields, Jr. In response to candidates’ responses on Israel at a 2015 GOP primary debate, she tweeted, “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

Malkin staunchly defended the U.S. government’s decision to imprison Japanese-Americans during World War II in her 2004 book In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror. Both Coulter and Malkin produce content for the white nationalist website VDARE.

On Telegram, Foxx has stated that the “[m]ajority of blacks and Hispanics” have not been “fully assimilated,” adding, “Even after 400 years in the case of African Americans.” In another post he appeared to express a desire for white majority rule in America, claiming, “You cannot have the constitution and also have a white minority America. To deny this is to deny mathematics.”

Foxx has also posted examples of questions on Telegram for people to ask at TPUSA events, including ones about drag queens, “interracial violent crime,” and the Talmud. In one Telegram post Foxx wrote that the “Bannon blitzkrieg tactic on Charlie Kirk is working,” and predicted that “we will make the republican party and all it’s [sic] mainstream allies in our own nationalist populist image.”

[The following clips are from a 4 hour and 22 minute live stream.] 

[This article has been updated with additional information on Vincent James Foxx and his Telegram channel.]