White Supremacist Feud Erupts After Augustus Invictus Allegedly Doxes Former Colleagues

Yet another fissure has erupted within the accelerationist fringe of the white supremacist community amid allegations of doxing, personal attacks, and financial mismanagement. This latest fight involves goat-sacrificing white supremacist attorney Augustus Sol Invictus, who allegedly doxed three of his former colleagues after accusing them of committing “treason.”

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on October 22, titled “Public Service Announcement: On Traitors & Treason,” Invictus spent half an hour railing against a small group of white supremacists he claims betrayed him and his allies. He named three of these supposed “traitors” as “Underwater Alex Jones,” “Adam,” and “Drengr” — two of whom, he says, were connected to his quixotic presidential campaign.

Underwater Alex Jones and Adam, the latter of whom runs the YouTube channel Top Kek Studios, were among the creators of the Heel Turn Network — a YouTube channel that served as a hub for numerous white supremacist shows that was deleted shortly after it lost its ability to raise funds through Streamlabs in February.

Drengr, who served as the Invictus campaign’s Northwest Regional Coordinator, is connected to two accelerationist shows — Goy Talk and The Gas Station — which he sometimes appears on. On a July 13, 2019 episode of The Gas Station, where the co-hosts lauded acts of terror, Drengr, using the avatar of a wolf with a skull mask, declared “Hail Saint [Brenton] Tarrant. Hail Saint [Anders] Breivik and [Stephan] Ernst.”

According to Invictus, when Verbo Tempestas co-host Rory Reddington’s real name, Rory Handley, was posted on Twitter, Underwater Alex Jones helped spread the information “around like an STD.” He made little distinction between spreading the information and being the one to leak it in the first place, comparing Jones to someone who shares child pornography but doesn’t produce it.

(Reddington’s real identity was confirmed in an article for this website.)

All three, Invictus claimed, had attacked him and his family online for two months. This included “posting pictures of my fuckin’ kids, talkin’ shit about ’em on livestreams, Twitter, everywhere.” Invictus added that it “wouldn’t matter so much if it were just random people on the Internet talking shit,” and that if the problem were just limited to people attacking him and his family he might not have retaliated.

“It’s the dox — it’s where they went over the fucking line, because they jumped to a conclusion that was not true, and they went after the wrong fucking people,” Invictus said. He remarked that “if we were al-Qaeda, if we were the Navy SEALs, if we were the mafia,” their behavior would have merited a “bullet to the back of the head.”

Instead, toward the end of the broadcast, Invictus announced that he would retaliate in kind by giving out the men’s real names, and proceeded to do so. (The identities of Drengr, Underwater Alex Jones, and Adam of Top Kek Studios have not been independently verified.) Invictus instructed all three to “disappear” and leave the movement forever.

In response, Underwater Alex Jones, Adam, and Vic Mackey of the Neo-Nazi “Bowl Patrol” group hosted a livestream on Jones’ YouTube channel. In the video, titled “HEELTURN II: Don’t Call It a Comeback.. Yet,” the three blasted Invictus for his decision to dox former allies and accused him of misappropriating campaign funds and having “non-white” children.

Underwater Alex Jones flatly denied Invictus’ allegation that he “doxed” anyone, and defended his decision to retweet Reddington’s information by claiming he was trying to warn others.

Adam claimed there was “photo evidence” of Invictus’ “non-white kids,” and that Invictus was “participating” in “white genocide” while campaigning to end it. “I’m not a hypocrite,” Adam said. “I say what I mean, I stand by it, I live like it. And you know what? If I fail, I’ll cop to me failing.”

Vic Mackey said he stayed neutral in the conflict until recently when he reached out to Invictus to warn him that outing Underwater Alex Jones, Adam, and Drengr could expose them to law enforcement. This, in turn, could lead them to lose their firearms under their states’ respective red flag laws. He also said it could impact “anyone in their orbit” including himself.

When Invictus dismissed his objection Mackey severed ties with him.

“Well, when someone’s trying to set the tent on fire, the best thing to do is — you know, at first you wanna extinguish the tent, but if that’s not an option and people give you no other option, the best thing to do is get out of the tent and anyone who won’t leave the tent is gonna burn down with the tent,” Mackey explained.

Later, after sarcastically reading one of Invictus’ tweets, Underwater Alex Jones exclaimed, “You’re not a fucking leader. I don’t listen to faggots! I don’t listen to race-mixers! I don’t listen to people who think they’re a fucking god who think their destiny is to start a civil war. You’re a fucking LARPing lawyer and a bad one at that!”

Adam then speculated that Invictus may be mishandling funds for his political campaign. He remarked that it’s strange for someone who ostensibly believes that “there’s no political solution” to run for office, and that donations to his campaign might be going elsewhere. “But that would be like racketeering or something, and I’m no lawyer but that sounds criminal to me,” he said.

[The following clips are from a 54 minute livestream of Heel Turn.] 

On October 24, the hosts of Goy Talk addressed the controversy. “So, I’ll tell you one thing,” said co-host Paddocksperg, “I don’t like people that dox people. I especially don’t like people that use doxing as a weapon against personal or professional criticisms.”

Meanwhile the Goy Talk hosts, who initially promoted Augustus Invictus’ presidential bid and still link to his announcement on their website, maintain a friendly relationship with white supremacist Paul Nehlen, who outed alt-right troll “Ricky Vaughn” in 2018.

Paddocksperg said that the “atmosphere that has been created by this doxing shit” was akin to a “piss mist” that is “hanging in the air” and preventing people from criticizing one another. He said that he didn’t want to “delve into it further” because he too is afraid of having his identity revealed.

Both Dino and Peezy complained that the public nature of the feud would provide more “ammo” to their “enemies.” Dino also referred to this constant bickering to “high school, gay, mean girls bullshit.”

Additionally, there were also rumors that one of the Goy Talk co-hosts, Arnel, played a role in spreading Reddington’s information and subsequently quit the show. This was denied by the Goy Talk and Heel Turn crowds. In an episode of Goy Talk from October 14, the three remaining co-hosts announced that Arnel left in order to take care of “family” issues.

And as Underwater Alex Jones wrote in a comment under his own video, “Relax. Arnel has retired. He’s still a solid guy.”

[The following clips are from an hour and thirty-nine minute episode of Goy Talk.]