Headlines — 10/12/19

A Holocaust denier attempts massacre at a German synagogue, a group of white students burn a Latina author’s books, the Nobel Committee awards its literature prize to a genocide denier, and more.

The Guardian – Germany: mass shooting attempt that killed two was antisemitic attack, minister says.
VICE News – White nationalists on Telegram are hailing the Germany synagogue shooter as a ‘saint.’
Media Matters – Forty-three new women came forward to describe assault and harassment by Trump. Newspapers ignored them.
BuzzFeed News – A group of students burned a Latina author’s book because they felt attacked for being white.
Hatewatch – White supremacist William Fears to get five years in prison.
Right Wing Watch – Stephen Miller: Supporting Trump during impeachment inquiry ‘is the single most important thing you can do.’
The Intercept – Congratulations, Nobel Committee, you just gave the literature prize to a genocide apologist.