Headlines — 10/08/19

Telegram is now the go-to platform for white supremacists, the FBI crackdown on the Atomwaffen Division heats up, how TPUSA blurs the line between a charity and a partisan political organization, and more.

VICE News – How Telegram became white nationalists’ go-to messaging platform.
Sludge – Turning Point USA blurs the line between charity and pro-Trump political group.
BuzzFeed News – Donald Trump is stuck in a human centipede of boomer memes.
The Daily Beast – FBI crackdown on Atomwaffen Division heats up with new arrests.
Yahoo! Lifestyle – Two years after Charlottesville, these women are taking the alt-right to court.
The New Republic – Donald Trump’s new lost cause.
The Philadelphia Inquirer – Jury asks about ‘reasonable doubt’ in hate-crime assault trial for ex-Bordentown Township police chief.
Jacobin – The online Left goes to war.
The Intercept – U.S. border officials use fake addresses, dangerous conditions, and mass trials to discourage asylum-seekers.