Headlines — 9/24/19

White supremacist harasser “Jack Corbin” is arrested, purity and pick-up culture made toxic masculinity worse, Candace Owens once again downplays the threat of white nationalism, and more.

Dame Magazine – How “purity” and “pick-up” culture exacerbated toxic masculinity.
HuffPost – White supremacist arrested for threatening Charlottesville Black Lives Matter co-founder.
Media Matters – PragerU relies on a veneer of respectability to obscure its propagandist mission.
VICE News – The FBI just arrested a U.S. Army soldier who allegedly plotted to bomb a major news network.
Right Wing Watch – Furry convention shows Milo Yiannopoulos the door.
The Intercept – How the white nationalists who love Trump found inspiration in a group that gave us Narendra Modi.
Madame Noire – Candace Owens says white nationalism and white supremacy aren’t a problem for black people.
The Atlantic – The media tide turns against Matteo Salvini.