Simon Roche And Katie Hopkins Worry That Non-Whites Will ‘Outbreed’ Them

In an interview posted to her YouTube channel on September 10, 2019, British ethnonationalist Katie Hopkins and Suidlanders spokesperson Simon Roche expressed their fears of being “outnumbered” by non-whites in their own countries. Both Roche and Hopkins have made careers out of promoting the myth of “white genocide” in countries like South Africa.

Roche, a “Unite the Right” participant who has numerous ties to white supremacists in the U.S., told Hopkins that white South Africans have a greater claim to commercial farms in their country than black South Africans. The reason for this, he said, is that there has been no history of black-owned commercial farms in South Africa.

“So it’s easy to say, ‘Well, whatever white men can do,’ it sounds beautiful,” Roche told Hopkins. “But when there is not, and there never has been, such a history of successful commercial farming, then it’s also okay — I don’t think it’s terribly racist and evil and ugly and nasty to say ‘Who’s gonna do it?!’ Where are these guys?!” 

Later in the interview Hopkins, who has a history of racist rhetoric, told Roche that white Britons are being “outnumbered” and she is “already a minority white” in several cities. She complained that in the city of Birmingham “if you bump into a child they are more likely to be Muslim than any other religion” and that by 2050 “Muslim births [will] outnumber births to any other religion.”

Hopkins then asked Roche what he would say to people who “share my fears that we are being taken over” and that “whites are a minority.”

“Katie, unfortunately I have nothing helpful to tell you,” said Roche. “The simple reality of the matter is that people who do not share your ethnic make-up and who do not share your norms, mores, and values, are not going to humor you when they’re in a position to impose their own. That’s the simple reality. Nobody’s going to cut you any slack.”

Roche lamented that minority groups have formed voting blocs while whites have not, and warned that they will “take the first opportunity that they can to spite you.” In other words, Roche is tapping into a persistent fear that minority groups will treat white people as poorly as white people have historically treated minority groups.

“So there’s this massive fiction that these people believe, and they hate you for it, Katie,” Roche claimed. “And they’re not gonna be nice about it once they are in control — which they will be because they will stand together, and they’re going to outbreed you, as you said.” Hopkins agreed and told Roche that this is “already happening.”

The belief that non-whites are outnumbering white people in historically majority white countries has inspired three mass shootings so far in 2019.