White Supremacist Pat Buchanan Warns That When Texas Looks Like California ‘Demographically’ It Will Look Like It ‘Politically’

On the August 20, 2019 episode of The Laura Ingraham Podcast, white supremacist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan repeated a racist talking point about immigrants replacing U.S. citizens in order to vote for Democrats.

Buchanan, who has a long and sordid track record of bigotry and who was once denounced as a “Hitler-lover” by Donald Trump, warned Fox News personality Laura Ingraham that unchecked immigration might be enough to turn Texas blue.

Ingraham began by lamenting that President Trump’s approval rating “is not where it should be, frankly, with this economy.” She added that she was “concern[ed]” about the “suburban women vote,” as well as the Democrats’ outreach to the immigrant community.

“But he’s gotta turn out those Evangelical voters, plus he has to be ready for the turn-out operation that the Democrats will have among new immigrants into the United States who are — Bush has told us all those new immigrants, Pat, were gonna be these card-carrying members of the Republican Party,” she said, chuckling.

“How did that work out in California and Texas?”

Buchanan responded that “Texas is fading away” due to their non-white immigrant population. He then told Ingraham that he has “written many times” that when Texas resembles California “demographically” that it will resemble it “politically” — that is, left-wing.

“Although what Texas has gone for is different, is sort of a deep, religious culture, traditionalist, conservative, Evangelical Christian — even among the minorities — that California doesn’t have, the west coast doesn’t have,” Buchanan said. “But Texas is clearly moving and when Texas goes the country goes.”

Patrick Crusius, the 21-year-old white supremacist authorities say murdered 22 people at an El Paso Walmart in early August, cited this very issue as a reason for his massacre. “The heavy Hispanic population in Texas will make us a Democrat stronghold,” he complained.

“Losing Texas and a few other states with heavy Hispanic population to the Democrats is all it would take for them to win nearly every presidential election.”