Headlines — 9/03/19

Propagandist Andy Ngo caught on camera with members of Patriot Prayer, white nationalists infiltrated conservative institutions like The Daily Caller, YouTube restores the accounts of far-right hosts, and more.

Portland Mercury – Undercover in Patriot Prayer: Insights from a Vancouver Democrat who’s been working against the far-right group from the inside.
The Daily Beast – Right-wing star Andy Ngo exits Quillette after damning video surfaces.
Right Wing Watch – YouTube reverses course, apologizes to far-right channels and unbans them.
Splinter – Leaked emails show how white nationalists have infiltrated conservative media.
Media Matters – Tucker Carlson says a gun buyback program will lead to “civil war.”
CNN – Justice Department to seek death penalty against Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect.
Think Progress – How ‘Straight Pride’ parades like the one in Boston mask a far-right agenda.
Axios – German far-right party posts best-ever results in key state elections.