Headlines — 8/24/19

The consequences of Bolsonaro’s rainforest policy could have devastating consequences for the planet, the Justice Department promoted a white nationalist blog, the Proud Boys admit their rallies are an excuse to create mayhem and drain resources, and more.

The Intercept – In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, a showdown over the Amazon rainforest.
Hatewatch – Brother says he reported white nationalist State Department official to the FBI.
BuzzFeed News – The Justice Department sent immigration judges a white nationalist blog post with anti-Semitic attacks.
Right Wing Watch – Proposed E.U. rule changes could foil Gab’s appeal abroad.
Think Progress – Facebook, Instagram remove accounts of white supremacist James Allsup.
The Guardian – Revealed: Republican lawmaker aided group training young men for ‘biblical warfare.’
HuffPost – Proud Boys leader admits their rallies are for fighting and wasting money.
The Baffler – The terrorist next door.
The Washington Post – How anti-Semitic beliefs have taken hold among some evangelical Christians.
Media Matters – Google News is elevating websites that push white supremacist rhetoric.
The Conversation – White nationalists’ extreme solution to the coming environmental apocalypse.
The Nation – White supremacy is terrorism, not a difference of opinion.