Headlines — 8/10/19

A State Department official is outed as a white supremacist, Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin ordered to pay over $18 million, right-wing outlet Quillette gets hoaxed, and more.

Hatewatch – U.S. State Department official involved in white nationalist movement, Hatewatch determined.
Right Wing Watch – Neo-Nazi blogger loses another lawsuit, bringing tally to $18.8 million.
Media Matters – Fox News is pushing white nationalism because the Murdochs want it to.
Think Progress – There is no such thing as acting alone.
The Daily Beast – Quillette duped by left-wing hoaxer posing as communist construction worker.
The Atlantic – Trump is getting worse.
Gizmodo – 8chan owner Jim Watkins facing summons to testify before Congress, child porn probe in Philippines.
The Nation – The boundaries of whiteness are protected with blood and bullets.
The Verge – Why deplatforming 8chan can be effective.
Splinter – El Paso shooting suspect reportedly confessed and said he was trying to kill Mexicans.