Headlines — 8/05/19

A white supremacist murdered 20 and wounded 26 in a racist attack on an El Paso mall, Cloudflare drops 8chan as a client, video resurfaces of President Trump laughing as a rallygoer suggests shooting migrants, and more.

Hatewatch – White nationalists praise El Paso attack and mock the dead.
Bellingcat – The El Paso shooting and the gamification of terror.
HuffPost – El Paso terrorism suspect’s alleged manifesto highlights eco-fascism’s revival.
Right Wing Watch – America’s white nationalist terrorism problem.
The Daily Beast – From El Paso to Christchurch, a racist lie is fueling terrorist attacks.
Think Progress – The House’s top Republican blames video games for mass shootings.
Vox – Here’s how Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and 8chan handle white supremacist content.
Business Insider – Trump’s ‘shoot them’ video resurfacing after Texas, Ohio mass shootings.
The Atlantic – How many attacks will it take until the white supremacist threat is taken seriously?
The Verge – Cloudflare to revoke 8chan’s service, opening the fringe website up for DDoS attacks.