Stefan Molyneux Appears To Invoke An Antisemitic Trope On Twitter, And White Supremacists Are Thrilled

Far-right YouTube philosopher Stefan Molyneux is no stranger to racism or extremist politics. He routinely promotes discredited views on race and IQ, the myth of white racial replacement, and the unsubstantiated claim of “white genocide” in post-apartheid South Africa. Late last year Molyneux praised white nationalism after taking a trip to Poland as part of a documentary.

All in all, Molyneux is probably the most popular white nationalist on YouTube.

Which is why it came as no shock that, in a July 5, 2019 tweet, he appeared to invoke a popular antisemitic trope. In response to a tweet from the account @rwpopulist that blamed white people for “invent[ing]” the “lies” that “race is ‘just’ skin color and caring about it means you ‘hate’ other races,” Molyneux wrote “White people” in quotation marks:

Molyneux 1

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White supremacists view white people and Jews as separate races, and believe that Jews often masquerade as white people in order to push for policies that go against white interests. In response, they often refer to Jews as “fellow white people” or place their names in triple parentheses — a meme that originated on the white supremacist website The Right Stuff.

Molyneux’s tweet, implying that the white people in question weren’t really white, appears to be a reference to that belief. And many white supremacist trolls appeared to hear that message loud and clear, praising Molyneux for hiding his “power level” — meaning his true beliefs — and becoming “Jwoke” — meaning the realization that Jewish people dominate the government and media, and are working against white interests.

The top response to Molyneux’s tweet, with 251 “likes,” is “More like (((White People))),” to which another person replied “Pretty sure that’s what he meant fren [sic].” Another said that Molyneux “has been jwoke for quite awhile” and that he “just avoids directly discussing it and similar topics because it would be the end of his cash cow.”

Twitter user @F1M053 posted a picture of Spider-Man reacting with his spider senses to a large Star of David. It received 206 “likes”:

Molyneux 2

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@Malis_Avibus posted an antisemitic caricature with the caption “PEOPLE WHO SAY ‘FELLOW WHITE PEOPLE'”:

Molyneux 3

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@WhitEagle14 posted a GIF of a Nazi painting a Star of David on a shop window:

Molyneux 4

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Two white supremacists put the phrase “white people” in multiple quotation marks:

Molyneux 5

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@nul_ptyx posted a parody of NBC’s “More You Know” public service announcement that read “The More You Notice” and had a Star of David. @RoobadooB asked “Beginning to (((notice))) things?”:

Molyneux 6

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Molyneux 7

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@GanonBelmont corrected Stefan by pointing out that it’s “parentheses, not quotes.” However, as @fishialsuper noted, “If Stefan dropped parentheses he’d get banned dude”:

Molyneux 8

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Arnel Swarztnibba, one of the co-hosts of the Neo-Nazi podcast Goy Talk, tweeted “Dog whistle was heard and I came running”:

Molyneux 9

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Even Bre Faucheux, the former co-host of This Week on the Alt-Right and Alt-Right 101 with Neo-Nazi Mark Collett, stepped in to praise Molyneux. “Hold up… Stef, did you just go there?” she asked excitedly. “I’m so proud!”:

Molyneux 10

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As far as Twitter’s hordes of antisemitic trolls are concerned, Molyneux just took a huge step in signalling that he thinks like they do.