Kevin MacDonald: White Replacement Myth Served As Inspiration For Writing ‘Culture Of Critique’

In a June 23, 2019 appearance on The Minority Report — a show hosted by white supremacists living in Latin America — former professor Kevin MacDonald revealed the impetus for writing his antisemitic tome The Culture of Critique — and it’s pretty much what you’d expect. Turns out the alt-right’s favorite academic had an axe to grind against the Jews, and was motivated by a desire to “defend” white people against them.

One of the show’s hosts, Rafael Trujillo, told MacDonald that The Culture of Critique is “very influential out there” and that he couldn’t tell him how many people he “awakened to the JQ” — or “Jewish Question” — with his writing. “I know your main target audience was mainly Europeans and, well, European-Americans, but it’s also pretty popular in, well, amongst people in Latin America as well,” he added.

MacDonald seemed impressed by this claim. “Is that right?” he asked. One of the hosts said that MacDonald’s writings combined with those of E. Michael Jones convinced him and others that “Jews are not white.”

A host who was introduced as Douglas Memphis then asked what inspired him to work on The Culture of Critique, which calls Judaism a “group evolutionary strategy” and claims that Jews are predisposed to undermine white societies. He said he started out “addressing a theoretical interest in evolutionary biology, especially as applied to humans,” but this gave way to other, darker motivations.

MacDonald said that “the more I read, the more I saw that there were problems, and that these problems hadn’t ended in the Middle Ages or the nineteenth century or after WWII — that Jewish activists had continued to do things” that were “utterly opposed” to the interests of white people. “So the more I got into it, the more I really was motivated, partly, by trying to defend my people at some point,” he added.

MacDonald complained that “we’ve imported 65 million non-whites in the United States” and that this has had a “huge effect on every aspect of our culture” including “voting patterns.” He claimed that white people are being “overrun” and, indeed, “replaced literally” by non-whites. This myth of white replacement by Jewish activists sparked three recent mass shootings that left a total of 63 people dead.

MacDonald seems content in letting this accelerate, however, by telling listeners that whether white people let this continue or not is the “critical question of our age” for “people with European extraction.” He went on to say that there is a “consensus” within the Jewish community that they need to “try to replace white populations” and “make them minorities.” Make no mistake: although MacDonald is not calling for a violent response, his ideas will lead to future acts of terror against Jews and people of color.