Alt-Right Radio Hosts Promote A Lie About African Migrants With Ebola

During the June 13, 2019 episode of Fash the Nation, hosts Jazzhands McFeels and Ethnarch ranted about President Trump’s inability to block all non-white migrants from entering the country. In doing so the pair of white supremacists repeated a far-right lie about African migrants with Ebola being brought to the state of Texas.

“With that we have hundreds of illegals from Ebola-ridden Congo dumped in Texas, right?” said McFeels. “This is the migration invasion going from bad to worse, right? I mean, it’s bad enough that it’s record numbers of Central Americans and whatever from these areas that they can walk to and from.”

His co-host Ethnarch replied that “what we’ve seen is, with the Ebola, is actually been exploding. It was contained largely in one country in Africa but it’s exploded outwards, and now we have these people who are showing up.” He added that we’re seeing a resurgence in diseases such as “measles, and the mumps, and TB, and typhoid, and so forth.”

What McFeels and Ethnarch are suggesting, however, appears to be a falsehood started in right-wing circles to stir up xenophobic attitudes. The non-partisan fact-checking website Politifact recently rated as false a claim that Ebola-infected migrants had been brought to San Antonio.

Politifact “found that Congolese migrants are indeed coming to San Antonio, but…they are not carrying Ebola, or, for that matter, any infectious diseases other than common colds and upper respiratory infections that many American citizens grapple with every day.”

BuzzFeed News quoted the interim assistant city manager and director of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District as saying “Any rumors that they are bringing Ebola or are at risk of Ebola are patently false.” Moreover, a spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection stated that there “have been no encounters of Ebola along the southwest border.”

Nevertheless, McFeels and Ethnarch urged the President to ban migrants on the grounds that they might be carrying the virus.

Ethnarch complained that the Secretary of Health and Human Services could turn such migrants away, but that instead “the main concern is to get people to speak their language, and then dispatch them all the way across the country, up to Maine and the northeast or something like that, to form their nice little cultural and disease pools up there.”

McFeels said, “Imagine having the worst of the shitholers coming in — these people from Africa. Just absolute bottom of the barrel. I mean these people make the non-Spanish speaking sort of descendants of whatever tribes are on the Yucatán — they make them seem like Rhodes Scholars.”

He then called Africans “absolutely horrible and said it would be “easy” to “get rid of half of these people” by screening them for diseases.