Headlines — 6/14/19

Hundreds of police officers are members of extremist Facebook groups, right-wing outlets promoted a bogus anti-journalist study, Andrew Anglin is ordered to pay millions in a defamation case, and more.

Reveal – Inside hate groups on Facebook, police officers trade racist memes, conspiracy theories and Islamophobia.
Right Wing Watch – Young Americans for Liberty ‘officer’ identified as member of Identity Evropa.
Media Matters – Trump announced he is bringing Fox’s Tom Homan back to the administration as a “border czar.” Here’s what you need to know about him.
Columbia Journalism Review – Right-wing publications launder an anti-journalist smear campaign.
The New Republic – Quillette’s “antifa journalists” list could’ve gotten me killed.
Hatewatch – Accusations in a mirror: How the radical Right blames rising political violence on the Left.
HuffPost – Who gave Neo-Nazi publisher Andrew Anglin a large Bitcoin donation after Charlottesville?
The Atlantic – The illiberal Right throws a tantrum.
The New York Times – The making of a YouTube radical.
Intelligencer – Alex Jones settles Pepe the Frog lawsuit.
Gizmodo – Judge rules Neo-Nazi publisher Andrew Anglin must hand over $4.1 million to comedian.
Think Progress – Christchurch shooting suspect pleads not guilty to terrorism and murder charges.