Headlines — 5/3/19

The San Diego shooter’s manifesto is a work of Christian antisemitism, alt-right propagandist Eric Striker’s identity is confirmed, a group of right-wing extremists were removed from Facebook, and more.

Right Wing Watch – The Right blames everything but right-wing extremism for Poway synagogue attack.
Hatewatch – Prolific alt-right propagandist’s identity confirmed.
The Washington Post – The San Diego shooter’s manifesto is a modern form of an old lie about Jews.
HuffPost – Army investigating soldier’s alleged leadership in Neo-Nazi terror group.
VICE News – The Idaho GOP is helping an alt-right YouTube star marry her Austrian white nationalist boyfriend.
Media Matters – Facebook just removed six extremists from its platforms. Here’s what should happen next.
BuzzFeed News – A former alt-right member’s message: Get out while you still can.
The Daily Beast – Joey Salads, YouTube star famous for racist pranks, launches congressional bid.
Think Progress – ‘Black people are idiots’ scandal rocks Tennessee legislature.
Splinter – Project Veritas proves too stupid for Erik Prince to make them into his spies.
Vox – 8chan, explained.
Reason – It’s time for Charlottesville to remove its Confederate monuments.
Jezebel – This has been a big week for throwing food at white nationalists.