Patrick Little And Paul Nehlen Are Feuding Over How To Start A Race War

On the April 18, 2019 episode of Goy Talk, one of a multitude of mediocre alt-right podcasts, prominent Neo-Nazis Patrick Little and Paul Nehlen made a joint appearance. It began cordially — as far as white supremacists go — with the two failed congressional candidates agreeing that the U.S. should launch an unprovoked nuclear strike on Israel.

“Push that fuckin’ button,” Little said. “Paul, be my runnin’ mate, I want that to be our fuckin’ slogan.”

However, things quickly went off the rails when the pair tried to out-Nazi one another over the subject of how to start a race war. Patrick Little believes African-Americans should be mobilized to wipe out the Jewish people in the U.S., while Nehlen, an accelerationist, wants both groups eradicated and celebrates acts of racial terrorism, such as the Tree of Life massacre.

(As this piece was being written yet another white supremacist terrorist attacked a synagogue in Poway, CA, killing one and wounding three more.)

Nehlen suggested the “race war” will begin with “another one of those fucked up Jussie Smollett situations” where “some protected class, some faggot, homosexual, lesbian, transvestite” is attacked. Patrick Little chimed in to tell Nehlen that “the only way that we have a winning race war is if the only — if one of the sides is comprised entirely of Jews.”

Little suggested reparations as a means to bribe African-Americans to join them, at least temporarily. Nehlen informed Little that he disagreed, and that a “race war” simply needed to be “kick[ed] off.” “And I’m not even sayin’ we need to kick it off,” Nehlen continued, adding that he wasn’t “opposed to somebody … leadin’ a million Robert Bowers to the promised land.”

Later Nehlen specified that he hopes “some group of chimped-out niggers” attacks white senior citizens, prompting armed, white, anti-government groups — such as the Three Percenters — to launch a counterattack. Paddocksperg also dismissed Little’s idea of forcing Jewish people to pay reparations on the grounds that Neo-Nazis have no political power in the U.S.

“If we don’t get that power, we can only hope for the whole system collapsing under its own hubris,” he said.

“So let’s say it turns into the racial free-for-all you’re talking about,” Little replied. “Wouldn’t you want everyone to know about the Jews, especially the people that have them fucking encircled?” Little then presented his ideal scenario, where African-Americans block bridges to prevent Jews from escaping an ethnic cleansing.

The others weren’t buying it, however. Co-host Paddocksperg said black people would be “looting and robbing” and not assisting white nationalists in their efforts to massacre their enemies. Goy Talk host Dino joked that they could “line the bridges with Jordans and they’ll show up.” Nehlen claimed that “anytime you give blacks money, they work less,” so “your average Newport-smoking African-American” would be of no help.

Paddocksperg likened African-Americans to a “mad pit bull” — to borrow another half-baked alt-right meme — in that “just because that pit bull’s been abused, maybe, into being an aggressive animal,” it doesn’t mean they’re not a threat. In other words, Paddocksperg believes the Jews are controlling black people and making them attack whites, but both groups are still enemies.

Little complained about the “dehumanization” of non-Jews on the show, to which Dino replied with the lie that black people are inherently violent. “With Jews out of the picture is that gonna make blacks rape whites less?” he asked. “Is a Jew makin’ him do that? Is it a Jew gene that makes them more prone to violence? Did the Jews insert that gene into them?”

In another line that riled up the rest of the show’s participants, Little said, “Blacks are perfectly good blacks. Whites are perfectly good whites. Jews are horrible.” He also likened himself to American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell, in that Rockwell “never once precluded working with other races against Jews.” Paddocksperg countered that “he didn’t mischaracterize them either.”

Clearly fed up with his inability to change Nehlen and the Goy Talk crowd’s minds, Little finally snapped, and accused Paddocksperg of “behaving like a Jew,” which, in white supremacist circles, is apparently the worst thing you can be accused of. “Really? Really? I’m behaving like a fucking Jew?” Paddocksperg exclaimed. “Well, there you have it, I’m a Jew.”

This prompted Nehlen to jump in the fray, attacking Little for “[throwing] the Bowl Patrol under the bus” — referring to a small band of Neo-Nazi dweebs who fetishize mass murderer Dylann Roof. Last year Nehlen made an appearance on their podcast, and accused the Jewish people of murdering Jesus Christ. The Bowl Patrol have been feuding with Christopher “the Crying Nazi” Cantwell, whose side Nehlen says Little took.

Little countered by mocking Nehlen’s association with the Bowl Patrol and their love of James Mason, a Neo-Nazi writer and Charles Manson devotee. “So Mr. Christian Paul Ryan’s [sic] gonna go down a tangent here where he’s saying the people that say that fuckin’ Charlie Manson is the new leader, is absolutely the moral leader of all things to come, and that the SIEGE thing is the way to go,” he said.

“That’s gonna win a lot of people. Great job, that’s exactly what Hitler would do,” he added sarcastically.

Little also took jabs at Nehlen for taking a trip — a “full paid vacation” in Little’s words — to the Golan Heights in 2016. Little appeared to ask Nehlen if he enjoyed his “Jew Jew cum,” to which Nehlen replied by calling Little a “nigger-suckin’ cocksucker.” Although the episode ended on a sour note for all participants, it stands as a reminder that, despite its fractures, the white supremacist movement is still violent to its core.

[The following clips are from a 3 hour episode of Goy Talk.]