Headlines — 4/07/19

Trump’s family separation policy has scarred migrant children for life, white nationalists are meeting in Finland, Nazis are co-opting neo-folk music, and more.

HuffPost – Family separation has scarred these kids for life.
Media Matters – Laura Ingraham says Martin Luther King Jr. would disagree with Democrats protesting Trump.
Think Progress – Trump administration says it could take 2 years to reunite separated migrant families.
Brit + Co – A controversial change to the 2020 census will hurt immigrant communities.
HuffPost – Trump Homeland Security official suggested antifascists were ‘the actual threats.’
Fortune – Will Trump’s executive order on free speech scare student activists silent?
Right Wing Watch – Stefan Molyneux: White civilization is being pulled down because other races feel they can’t compete.
Vice News – White nationalists from around the world are meeting in Finland. Here’s what you need to know.
The Daily Beast – Neo-folk has a Nazi problem.
Southern Poverty Law Center – Twitter locked me out of my account for reporting on extremists.