Headlines — 4/04/19

White nationalists want to turn clowns into a hate symbol, Facebook and YouTube are failing to address white supremacy, President Trump claims wind turbines cause cancer, and more.

Right Wing Watch – White nationalists adopt clowns as their next racist symbol (yes, seriously).
The Daily Beast – Trump’s rant that wind turbines cause cancer is straight out of the chemtrail Internet.
The Daily Progress – Plaintiffs say white supremacists are ignoring requests in rally lawsuit.
The A.V. Club – This 4-hour Alex Jones deposition video is a near-lethal dose of awkward schadenfreude.
HuffPost – Facebook says white nationalist video doesn’t break new policy against white nationalism.
Intelligencer – YouTube’s moderation problem didn’t come as a surprise.
Hatewatch – White supremacist symbol found spray-painted at the site of a fire, civil rights center says.
Media Matters – How Fox has been using racist, nativist, and anti-immigrant rhetoric to talk about border issues.
Vox – FBI director: White nationalist violence is a “persistent, pervasive threat.”
The Intercept – Muslims and Jews face a common threat from white supremacists. We must fight it together.
Hope not hate – That time 4chan gamed the Democratic primary.
The Washington Post – Neo-Nazi sympathizer pleads guilty to federal hate crimes for plowing car into protesters at Charlottesville rally.