Headlines — 3/23/19

Leaked chats expose Arizona State University Republicans’ alt-right views, Charlottesville schools closed over 4chan threats of “ethnic cleansing,” QAnon trolls are attacking a random photographer, and more.

Phoenix New Times – Leaked chats show alt-right views in ASU Republican group.
Hatewatch – The Infowars crowd finds common cause with New Zealand terrorist.
Right Wing Watch – White supremacist terror threats close Charlottesville schools for second day.
Media Matters – Talia Lavin could teach Laura Ingraham a lot about journalism.
The Daily Beast – Cop working at high school revealed as white nationalist organizer.
The Daily Dot – QAnon is attacking a random woman in a disturbing and dangerous way.
Wonkette – Guess posting plan to ‘ethnically cleanse’ your high school to 4chan isn’t such a good idea after all.
Think Progress – Why far-right attackers aren’t charged as domestic terrorists.
The Verge – GoFundMe pledges to remove anti-vax campaigns.
The Atlantic – Instagram is the Internet’s new home for hate.
Vice – Things I’ve learned about homegrown terrorism by tracking the alt-right.
The Daily Beast – Quillette, Ben Shapiro, and the myth of conservative ‘facts.’
The Baffler – More smarter: The “smartest man in America” gets redpilled.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Stardew Valley PTA? New “cuckoldry removal” game mod keeps your waifu from climbing another man’s tree.