Headlines — Fvck Identity Evropa Edition

Leaked chats reveal Identity Evropa’s plans, Ann Coulter is still defending racist murderer James Fields, politicians denouncing Ilhan Omar’s “antisemitism” are gaslighting us, and more.

Splinter – The leaked chats that show how a far-right group is trying to infiltrate the GOP.
The Daily Beast – ‘Whiter every election cycle’: How Identity Evropa, a far-right hate group, joined the GOP.
Mondoweiss – Kahane in, Arabs out: Israeli election panel disqualifies Palestinian party calling for equality, approves racist Jewish Power leader.
Right Wing Watch – Ann Coulter is still defending the intent of a Neo-Nazi murderer.
HuffPost – Leaked chats reveal white nationalist plot to keep Steve King in office.
Think Progress – These 24 House Republicans couldn’t bring themselves to oppose intolerance.
Iowa State Daily – White nationalist Nick Fuentes likely coming to Iowa State Wednesday, sources say.
The Intercept – Republicans and Democrats say their criticism of Ilhan Omar is about anti-Semitism. They’re gaslighting you.
Media Matters – Leaked chat messages show members of white supremacist group Identity Evropa are obsessed with Tucker Carlson.
Truthout – White supremacists are infiltrating the GOP from the ground up.