Headlines — 1/09/18

Christopher Cantwell starts a “family-friendly” radio show, the Whitman County GOP gives James Allsup the boot, fans of Dylann Roof hope to inspire more acts of terrorism, and more.

Right Wing Watch – Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell crafting ‘family-friendly’ show to finance his extremism.
Hatewatch – Nathan Damigo, founder of white nationalist group Identity Evropa, files for bankruptcy protection.
HuffPost – Gavin McInnes’ wife threatens neighbors over ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ signs.
Vice – How Parkland created a rush to arm teachers and school staff across the country.
Wonkette – Young grifter would like $200,000 for his Trump social media site everyone already forgot about.
The Daily Beast – GOP ejects Charlottesville hate marcher James Allsup after Daily Beast exposé.
Media Matters – Last night’s Oval Office debacle should be a lesson for the networks.
Think Progress – A so-called ‘attack’ on a far-right German politician has been thrown into doubt.
Unicorn Riot – ‘Bowl Patrol’: Dylann Roof fans hope to inspire more mass shootings.
NJ.com – White nationalists plan march this weekend in Princeton. Mayor issues warning.
Roll Call – Steve King primary challenger slams his ‘caustic nature.’