Headlines — 1/06/19

White nationalists believe Tucker Carlson promotes their agenda, a troll poses as a gay man to link the LGBTQ community to pedophilia, Marc Randazza violated legal ethics, and more.

HuffPost – Alex Jones’ lawyer violated legal ethics by soliciting porn bribes. Just how dirty is Marc Randazza?
Right Wing Watch – White nationalist podcast hosts: Tucker Carlson does what we do ‘for an audience of millions.’
Media Matters – Leader of white supremacist group brags about the positive effect of his Today show performance.
Wired – The year the alt-right went underground.
Philly.com – White supremacist says he will plead guilty in sword killing.
NBC News – Posing as gay men on Twitter, a troll goes viral with attempts to falsely tie the LGBTQ community to pedophilia.
Think Progress – DHS presents a PowerPoint on the ‘crisis’ on the border full of false, fear-mongering claims.
Splinter – Guess what happened when Fox News let a super-racist GOP Congressman co-host a show?