Tom Kawczynski Claims Non-Whites Will ‘Destroy’ American Values

During a December 28, 2018 episode of The After Party, white nationalists Jason Köhne and Tom Kawczynski claimed that only white people can be Americans, and that non-whites who embrace socialism will destroy the country.Köhne, who also goes by the pseudonym “No White Guilt,” told Kawczynski and his co-host Jared Of The Great Order that the “only people who are genuinely Americans are the whites of the world who can produce Western civilization.”

“There is no America without the white race,” he continued. “There is no Western civilization without the white race. There’s no evidence that any other race has developed Western civilization. It is only us. So there is only an America because it exists in us.”

And then complained that he and his fellow Übermenschen were somehow “conquered in a silent coup” by “anti-white elites” who want to destroy the country for some reason. Really it’s all a bit confusing and not even Köhne can adequately explain it. “Folks, they don’t have to plan an outcome,” he told his viewers. Hopefully they’re dumb enough to just go along with it.

Tom Kawczynski, a town manager of Jackman, Maine who was fired early last year for advocating racial separatism, brainstormed ways of convincing white people to take a public stand for white supremacy. He told Jason and Jared that “you need to be able to say a moral case if you’re gonna reach white people because white people, uniquely amongst people around the world, will not fight for their own identity.”

Instead, Kawczynski claimed, white people are “very abstract” and must be told that non-whites will destroy freedom and everything they hold dear.

He added that, “What I have discovered is that if you go to people and you say, ‘Look, you care about liberty, the Constitution, authority, value, family, and all that — all these values — these other people will destroy it. They vote to destroy it in our countries. They’re brought in our countries to destroy it. And they’ve never had it in their own home countries.'”

In a sense Kawczynski is only parroting the right-wing talking point that liberals want fewer restrictions on immigration because new immigrants will inevitably vote for Democratic candidates. Kawczynski said, without giving a source, that “three quarters of every other group, including Asians…view socialism as a good thing,” and that white nationalists will have to be “incredibly clever” in order to convince normal white people.