Headlines — 12/27/18

White supremacist “Byron de la Vandal” is forced to issue an apology, Border Patrol denies responsibility for the death of an 8-year-old migrant, the Proud Boys continue to crumble amid high-profile arrests, and more.

CNN – This is the first police officer charged with a federal hate crime in at least 10 years.
Media Matters – Turning Point USA advisory council member pushes QAnon smear.
The New York Times – Far-right Proud Boys reeling after arrests and scrutiny.
Right Wing Watch – Stefan Molyneux says his trip to Poland sold him on white nationalism.
Sludge – Tulsi Gabbard took thousands from members of right-wing Hindu group.
Think Progress – Border Patrol denies responsibility for death of migrant child in its custody.
The Washington Post – Sale of Hitler’s belongings and Nazi artifacts stir backlash amid rising anti-Semitism.
The Intercept – The far right is obsessed with a book about Muslims destroying Europe. Here’s what it gets wrong.
Splinter – FEMA isn’t getting any more competent after disastrous Hurricane Maria response.
Willamette Week – Oregon actor who moonlighted as a white supremacist agrees to taped apology to student leader he harassed online.
The Guardian – Hate crimes are as American as apple pie.
BuzzFeed News – Trump’s federal judges are everything conservatives hoped for and liberals feared.