E. Michael Jones Calls The Civil Rights Movement A ‘Jewish War On The South’

During a recent episode of The Gas Station — one of several explicitly Neo-Nazi shows that YouTube inexplicably allows on its platform — former professor and Culture Wars magazine editor E. Michael Jones accused the Jews of waging a war against Germany and the American south.

As Jones told the show’s hosts — Sarin, German James Woods, and Paddocksperg — he “watched Germany being subjected to a ruthless campaign of social engineering that was based on corrupting their sexual morals.” He claimed it was “orchestrated” by the Allied forces, sexologist Alfred Kinsey, and the Frankfurt School.

The Frankfurt School, which was founded by a group of German academics who fled Nazi Germany, features prominently in the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory known as “cultural Marxism.”

Those who spread this theory assert that a group of Jewish philosophers schemed to bring down Western civilization through feminism, homosexuality, secularism, Communism, and anti-racism. Jones explained that it had a “devastating effect on the sexual morality” of the German people, and, as a result, a “devastating effect on church attendance.” 

German James Woods then asked Jones for his “take” on segregation — specifically its efficacy. Jones replied that:

It was a system in the south, okay, that was imposed after — first, the south lost the war, then they had Reconstruction imposed on ’em, then they had their Redemption that they imposed — they drove the federal troops out and they imposed this system of segregation on the south, and then it got used as a justification for the Jewish war on the south known as the Civil Rights Movement.

He said that after the Civil Rights Movement was forced on the south, it was moved up north because “that war was so successful.” Jones continued by telling the show’s hosts that “they brought Martin Luther King into Chicago, to end segregation in Chicago,” but that there “was no segregation in Chicago, it was ethnic neighborhoods, and this was the target.”

What Jones is referring to here is de facto segregation. That is, segregation that is not mandated by law, and which is often characterized as the result of individual prejudices. However this ignores the role that the government played (e.g., promoting housing discrimination) in creating these conditions. 

Jones, of course, is a known crackpot and fanatic whose anti-Semitism resulted in a rebuke from the far-right Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. According to a 2004 press release, the “Catholic League condemned Jones’s anti-Semitism and repudiated his efforts to justify it in the name of Catholic theology.”

And in 2008, Jones was one of two speakers disinvited from Catholic University over his anti-Semitic remarks. Then-director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, Mark Potok, remarked at the time that Jones and John Sharpe “are not the Latin Mass traditionalists,” but rather extremists who believe the Jews are destroying the world.