Neo-Nazi Patrick Little Says He Wants To ‘Quarantine’ Jews As He Spirals Further Into Irrelevancy

Late last month Neo-Nazi dipshit Patrick Little earned the dubious honor of being one of only a few white supremacists too awful for Gab CEO Andrew Torba. Little had posted a diatribe excusing the actions of terrorist Robert Bowers, who murdered 11 worshipers in a Pittsburgh synagogue on October 27, 2018.

In the offending post, Little compared Bowers to Nelson Mandela, and asked, “At what point is force against jews [sic] legitimized?” And now, like Andrew Auernheimer, Paul Nehlen, and Alex Linder before him, the failed senate candidate has been permanently banned from the alt-right-friendly platform.

In a livestream shortly thereafter, Little and “Chad Turner” — a young white supremacist and former Identity Evropa member Little is grooming for a career in Neo-Nazi activism — discussed a variety of topics, from Gab being a “Zionist” platform to Little’s 2020 presidential run.

At one point Little falsely claimed that Nazi Germany was the first country to pass animal welfare legislation. Britain, for example, had already passed the Cruel Treatment of Cattle Act in 1822 and the Cruelty to Animals Act in 1835. Hundreds of years before that the Japanese outlawed the eating of most animals, including beef and chicken.

It should also be noted that Nazi Germany’s animal welfare laws were inspired more by anti-Semitic fervor than compassion for non-human animals. As Johann Chapoutot wrote in The Law of Blood: Thinking and Acting as a Nazi:

Then, as now, if one chose a single flag to brandish in order to provoke anti-Semitic sentiment, it would most likely be that of ritual animal slaughter and the biblical-veterinary injunctions upon which the laws of Kashrut are founded. The NSDAP took on this issue very early and deployed an unnuanced campaign against the “torture of animals” (Tierquälerei). In 1931, a physician who was a member of the Nazi Party published a pamphlet on the topic of “the NSDAP fight against animal cruelty, animal torture, and ritual slaughter.

A decade later, in 1941, German cinemagoers could enjoy fainting at the sight of ritual slaughter as depicted by Fritz Hippler, who featured the slitting of animal throats in his film Der Ewige Jude (The eternal Jew). The film, shot for the sole purpose of demonstrating the fundamental otherness and the essential criminality of the Jews, devoted ten minutes out of seventy to a gory scene in which two cows were bled to death with a knife. … The denunciation of this so-called ritual cruelty is a constant in Judeophobic discourse: here, as is so often the case, the Nazis were hardly innovating; they employed ideas and vocabulary that one encounters elsewhere.

It also need not be pointed out how disingenuous the rhetoric of the Nazi Party was, considering the cruelty it inflicted on Jews, Roma, gays and lesbians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, political dissidents, etc.

“If you care about the environment, if you care about protecting women, if you care about saving the children from the people that are behind the Me Too stuff, vote for me in 2020,” Little said. “Let’s save the children, let’s stop these Jewish Hollywood producers from raping the little kids.” It is unclear to what Jewish producers or children Little was referring.

He then went after the Anti-Defamation League, which he — once again — falsely claimed was “running cover for all the Jewish producers that abuse and target the children outside their race.” Regurgitating the lie that Jewish factory owner Leo Frank raped and murdered a 13-year-old white girl named Mary Phagan, Little denounced the ADL as a “Jewish pedophile organization” which should be outlawed.

Frank was convicted of Phagan’s murder in 1913, the year the ADL was founded, and was lynched two years later by a Second Ku Klux Klan precursor called the Knights of Mary Phagan. Anti-Semites to this day believe Frank was guilty, and use his conviction to smear the ADL — although in 1986 the state of Georgia posthumously pardoned Frank.

But Little’s protégé, Chad Turner, hung onto his every word, shaking his head in disgust as Little wrongly pronounced Frank a “Jewish predator” with a “taste for young children” and who “tried to frame a black guy” for Phagan’s murder. Little then claimed that the “ADL was founded in raped children’s blood.” Turner added that ADL National Director and CEO Jonathan Greenblatt “just looks like a slimeball,” and Little called him a “Jewish rat.”

Near the end of the livestream, Little compared Jews to a virus that contaminates whole countries. “When I get over a bad cold I don’t want it to mutate and come back a few years later, do you?” he asked Turner, who answered in the negative. “What does the CDC do with a dangerous disease?” he continued. “It quarantines.”

Little suggested quarantining the world’s Jewish population on the “beautiful island resort” of Madagascar, making it “Club Med for the parasite.” He claimed this would be part of an “international effort to save the children.” This line of attack is not new for Little, who spent time picketing with signs reading “JEWS RAPE KIDS” and other abhorrent slogans.

Of course Little is still promoting his quixotic presidential campaign, promising that if he’s elected he will somehow “expel” Jewish people from the United States. But at this point it’s unclear what support Little has even among his fellow Neo-Nazis.

An “It’s Okay To Be White” march — the brainchild of Little himself — was held in Princeton, NJ last month, and was by all accounts an absolute failure. The livestream of the event only attracted a handful of viewers, and the participants called it quits after 40 minutes of silently walking around and occasionally being mocked.

And following that, Little participated in his own “It’s Okay To Be White” march, this time in Seattle, WA. The reception was frosty to say the least. At one point an unnamed individual ran up behind him and dumped coffee on Little’s head, shouting “Not white anymore, motherfuckers!” A video clip of the incident garnered over 100 thousand views.