Headlines — 12/09/18

‘Unite the Right’ protester James Fields is convicted of first degree murder, white supremacist EMT Alex McNabb is under state investigation, online misogynists are targeting sex workers, and more.

The Washington Post – Self-professed neo-Nazi James A. Fields Jr. convicted of first-degree murder in car ramming that killed one, injured dozens.
Right Wing Watch – ‘Jack Corbin’ and the violent underbelly of white nationalism.
HuffPost – A prominent white supremacist is an EMT in Virginia. Now the state is investigating him.
The Conversation – WhatsApp skewed Brazilian election, proving social media’s danger to democracy.
Think Progress – Nine white supremacists charged in Washington state hate crime attack.
Splinter – Appeals court blocks Trump attempt to reinstate asylum ban.
Media Matters – A white supremacist YouTuber praised Fox’s Tucker Carlson for mentioning “white genocide.”
The Nation – What’s really behind France’s Yellow Vest protest?
The Intercept – The ignored legacy of George H.W. Bush: War crimes, racism, and obstruction of justice.
Intelligencer – The GOP is making its contempt for democracy clear: Will the mainstream media?
Raw Story – ‘Crying Nazi’ threatens more violence after conviction of Heather Heyer’s killer: An ‘army of fanatics willing to die.’
Salon – The alt-right isn’t dead: It was just taken over by Fox News.
Motherboard – #ThotAudit is compiling massive databases of sex workers and reporting them to PayPal.