Headlines — 10/19/18

Rep. Steve King does a racist interview with a far-right Austrian site, activists are fighting an economic war against the alt-right, Republicans release a racist ad to pander to black voters, and more.

HuffPost – Rep. Steve King goes full white nationalist in interview with Austrian site.
Splinter – The activists waging a war to make the far right go broke.
Right Wing Watch – Brian Kemp: Rigging Georgia’s vote to preserve white supremacy.
Think Progress – ‘Fox & Friends’ segment prominently displays anti-Obama card with racist message.
Media Matters – Lou Dobbs guest justifies Proud Boy assaults in New York by calling victims terrorists.
Intelligencer – The Harvard admissions trial won’t end affirmative action — but that’s the ultimate goal.
The Daily Beast – Alex Jones and InfoWars are still on Twitter, despite ‘ban.’
Jacobin – Bolsonaro’s most dangerous supporters.
Salon – Laura Ingraham stokes anti-immigrant hysteria on Fox News ahead of midterm elections.
ABC News – 2 Proud Boys arrested after New York City brawl.
The Root – Republicans pimp black women’s voices in racist radio political ad pandering for black votes.