Headlines — 10/05/18

Officer Jason Van Dyke is found guilty of murdering Laquan McDonald, Trump promotes an anti-Semitic conspiracy about George Soros, Gab was cut off from its payment processor, and more.

Kotaku – How the ‘NPC’ meme tries to dehumanize ‘SJWs’.
Media Matters – What we owe Christine Blasey Ford.
The Cut – Chicago cop who shot 17-year-old 16 times found guilty of murder.
Vice – Brazil’s populist candidate for president is getting a boost from an alt-right social network.
The Conversation – South Africa’s white right, the Alt-Right and the alternative.
Right Wing Watch – Gab faces cut-off from its payment processor.
HuffPost – Neo-Nazi sentenced to 14 years on federal terrorism charges for Amtrak attack.
Think Progress – Trump promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on Twitter.
Vox – The backlash to Melania Trump’s safari outfit, explained.
The Daily Beast – Man who sent poison to Trump officials wrote about government mind control.
The Nation – Trump’s immigration policy ‘fever dream.’