Headlines — 10/04/18

Four members of the Rise Above Movement are charged with inciting a riot, how ideas move from 4chan to Tucker Carlson’s TV show, YouTube allows violent white supremacists to spread propaganda, and more.

Vox – 4 members of an alt-right ‘fight club’ charged with inciting a riot in Charlottesville.
Right Wing Watch – White supremacists gripe after four ‘Unite the Right’ participants receive federal charges.
Media Matters – Backlash to professor’s anti-Kavanaugh tweet illustrates the content pipeline from 4chan to Tucker Carlson’s show.
The Daily Beast – The alt-right outlives the trolls who created it.
Think Progress – Federal judge blocks Trump from ending protected status for some immigrants.
Mic – Why is YouTube allowing violent, white supremacists and racist terror groups to spread propaganda?
Hatewatch – League of the South member Tyler Watkins Davis pleads not guilty in ‘Unite the Right’ beating.
Wired – Brett Kavanaugh and the information terrorists trying to reshape America.
Law & Crime – GOP leader shares fake picture of Christine Ford to suggest she was too ugly to rape.
Splinter – Disgusting party courts America’s most disgusting voters.
The Atlantic – The cruelty is the point.
The Washington Post – Tucker Carlson earns endorsement from white nationalist Richard Spencer.
New Statesman – Meet the American congressman who’s a champion of European neo-Nazis.