In The Past Month, Ann Coulter Has Retweeted White Nationalists Dozens Of Times

In April conservative firebrand Ann Coulter made headlines after she retweeted Mike “Enoch” Peinovich — the anti-Semitic podcaster who founded the website The Right Stuff and co-hosts The Daily Shoah. Peinovich had tweeted criticism of President Donald Trump’s military strikes against Syria using the hashtag #NeoconDon, and accusing him of “undermin[ing] and demoraliz[ing]” his base.

The outrage quickly faded, however, as Peinovich’s account was quickly suspended after the news broke. However, this was neither the first nor the last time Coulter promoted white nationalist Twitter accounts.

A look at Coulter’s account, which boasts over two million followers, reveals that in a 30-day period, from August 28 to September 28, she has retweeted overt white nationalists and anti-Semites, including Fash the Nation’s Jazzhands McFeels, Unz Review’s Steve Sailer, and Stuff Black People Don’t Like’s Paul Kersey, over 50 times. Here is a breakdown of the voices Coulter has amplified in that month-long time frame.



In 1999 British expatriate and paleoconservative Peter Brimelow founded the Center for American Unity, a project of which was the website Named for Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in the New World, parted ways with the Center for American Unity in 2007 and, from that point on, was run by Brimelow’s VDARE Foundation. routinely publishes articles by leading white nationalists and academic racists, including Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and the late Sam Francis. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists VDARE as a white nationalist hate group, authors published on the site

decry the demise of white America, blaming immigrants, multiculturalists, and members of the “Treason Lobby” — essentially groups concerned with protecting immigrants’ human and civil rights — for undermining the racial cohesion of the nation. Reflecting this position,’s archives contain articles like “Freedom vs. Diversity,” “Abolishing America,” “Anarcho-Tyranny — Where Multiculturalism Leads” and “Why Immigrants Kill.”

This is hardly surprising given Brimelow’s history of racism and xenophobia. In his 1995 book Alien Nation, Brimelow denounced multiculturalism as “subversive,” referred to immigrants as “weird aliens with dubious habits,” and argued for a return to pre-1965 racially-based immigration quotas.

In a 2013 column that was rejected as being “too extreme” for far-right conspiracy website WorldNetDaily, Brimelow wrote that “Democrat policy is to swamp the historic American nation by abetting, not just an invasion by foreigners, but colonization—the development of enclaves that are to all intents and purposes no longer American territory.”

At the 2015 American Renaissance conference, Brimelow told his audience of white nationalists that red states like Texas should secede in order to protect “white rights.” And he added that he and his ilk were victims of an anti-racist “lynch mob” that seeks to “keep white consciousness suppressed.”

Still, this hasn’t stopped Coulter from associating with Brimelow and VDARE. Coulter retweeted VDARE 8 times, and her columns are routinely republished on

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And according to Coulter, who authored the 2015 book ¡Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole, it was Brimelow’s writings that shaped her extreme anti-immigrant views.

Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer

In a 2017 profile by New York Magazine, the former National Review writer was dubbed the “man who invented identity politics for the New Right.” In 2000, Sailer proposed a familiar strategy for the GOP to follow: Focus on increasing their share of the white vote by emphasizing anti-immigrant policies. His strategy was realized in 2016 when it was adopted by Donald Trump.

He also “popularized the term ‘human biodiversity’ (HBD) — now a mainstay on the alt-right — to describe his field of interest,” which “has been dismissed by critics as pseudoscience at best and eugenics at worst.” And he was likewise credited with popularizing the phrase “Invade the World, Invite the World” to describe the connection between U.S. foreign policy and acceptance of refugees.

Sailer currently writes for The Unz Review under the section iSteve, where he “regularly plays up a sort of white grievance politics.” Following Hurricane Katrina, Sailer claimed that African-Americans “possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups” and, as such, “need stricter moral guidance from society.”

He recently echoed this same sentiment while discussing Hurricane Maria, writing that the “catastrophic incompetence of Puerto Rico today is a foretaste of what is in store for the Hispanicized USA later in the 21st Century.” He added that, “Natural disasters in Latin America routinely unleash horrors of ineptitude and apathy, because that’s how Latinos roll.”

Between the end of August and the end of September, Coulter retweeted Sailer 8 times:

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Scott Greer

Scott Greer

At one time associating with the ex-Daily Caller deputy editor would have been seen as no big deal. That is, until his white supremacist views were made public. In 2016 the website published an article exposing Greer’s ties to overt white nationalists, including Devin Saucier (currently employed by American Renaissance), Marcus Epstein, and Patrick Sharpe.

Greer was also photographed at a meeting for the Wolves of Vinland, a white power cult whose adherents “gather in the Virginia woods for heathen ceremonies where they drink mead, spread mud and blood on themselves, dance around fires, and hold rituals in caves.” One Wolves of Vinland member was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for burning a historically black church.

While these findings were largely ignored, even after being featured in an article by the SPLC, a September 5 article for The Atlantic outed Greer as a writer for Richard Spencer’s white supremacist Radix Journal.

Under the pseudonym “Michael McGregor,” Greer wrote that the “justice system has to be harsh on Blacks in order to preserve stability and a measure of safety in a multiracial state,” and that anti-Semitism persists because of “the Jewish role in promoting the root causes of this problem through their support of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and hate speech laws that only go after Whites.”

Still, even after Greer’s racist associations and beliefs were made public, Coulter nevertheless retweeted him 8 times:

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Paul Kersey

Paul Kersey

Paul Kersey is a pseudonymous white supremacist who founded the blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like (SBPDL). Kersey, named after the anti-hero of the Death Wish franchise, has written hundreds of posts deriding black people, various civil rights icons, and racial integration, while portraying African-Americans as uniquely violent and unintelligent.

Kersey has written that black people have the “amazing ability” to turn “formerly peaceful streets into war zones resembling Mogadishu,” and “an intrinsic desire to commit crime with an obvious gratuitous, meaningless and licentious abandon.” And he wrote that cities with a “preponderance of Black people provide one constant regardless of the latitude or longitude: crime.”

Following the death of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson in 2014, Kersey urged readers to anonymously give to Wilson’s legal defense fund, complaining that, “Being explicitly on the side of white civilization is tantamount to being a child molester in America.”

He likewise groused that “we have millions of unemployable black people bred via white tax dollars to… do… nothing but breed,” that whites are being forced to live in an “open-air prison,” and that the result of Shelley v. Kraemer (1948) — which held that racially restrictive covenants were unenforceable — was “the unleashing of blacks” on cities like St. Louis, thereby destroying them.

And on the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Kersey echoed the opinion of white nationalist Jared Taylor when he declared that:

We saw what happens when you remove white people from the equation of modern civilization, and the result is barbarism courtesy of a real-life scenario The Crazies could only call fiction. … There is no denying what Hurricane Katrina showed to the world. Haiti has been showing it for years and South Africa has gradually started to hint at what is to come. Recent Section 8 riots in Atlanta only showed how quickly things can descend to what we saw in The Big Easy those five days in 2005.

It’s fitting, then, that Kersey often co-hosts Radio Renaissance with Taylor, where the pair make ludicrous pronouncements on how films about slavery and segregation foment anti-white violence. Kersey’s columns, including one where he calls Black Panther “an Afrocentric fantasy of revenge on Western Civilization,” are also published on VDARE.

In a 30-day period, Coulter retweeted Kersey once:

Coulter 60

However, this was not the only time Coulter had ever retweeted Kersey, as a search of her official Facebook page reveals:

Coulter 1Coulter 2

Jazzhands McFeels


Jazzhands McFeels is the co-host of the white supremacist podcast Fash the Nation — one of several podcasts hosted on The Right Stuff. McFeels — supposedly a former Republican staffer — and his co-host Marcus Halberstram use their show to examine current events through a white nationalist lens.

McFeels is predictably and unapologetically racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-immigrant. He believes the ultimate goal of the alt-right should be a “white ethnostate.” After last year’s horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 dead, he baselessly speculated that the perpetrator, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, was a “leftoid” who was targeting whites. And he suggested that only white immigrants and refugees be allowed into the U.S.

Ann Coulter retweeted McFeels once in a 30-day period:

Coulter 4

Coulter and McFeels interacted with one another in February of this year as well:

Coulter 56

Paul Ramsey


Better known as RamZPaul, Paul Ramsey is a longtime white nationalist vlogger who currently hosts the online show Happy Homelands — where he’s interviewed the likes of Jared Taylor. According to an SPLC profile, “Since 2009, he has uploaded hundreds of liberal-loathing, feminist-bashing, and racial separatist-supporting videos to his personal YouTube channel, typically at the rate of three a week.”

Usually a hallmark of Ramsey’s videos is to combine his advocacy of white nationalism with what can charitably be described as “humor.”

In a video from March 2012, for example, Ramsey donned an Afro wig and mocked a black college student by making ape noises. In one from May 2012, titled “Jerry Brown Address to the People of California — 2013,” Ramsey, in the role of Gov. Brown, said that the way to fix California’s problems was to “elect a new people” — and even appeared in front of the Mexican flag with a fake, black mustache.

And in one from July 2014 he told a “parable” that likened African-Americans to snakes. “Oh boy,” he said with a grin, “If people could figure out this video I’d be in trouble.”

Sometimes Ramsey drops the act. Such was the case in a video reacting to the horrific murder of Jessica Chambers, a white teenager, in Mississippi. The crime scene was so gruesome that it left a first responder traumatized. The murder was a case of deadly intimate partner violence and not racially motivated, but since Chambers’ killer was black, Ramsey went on a tirade.

Ramsey claimed that “this type of thing” — black-on-white murders — is “such a common occurrence” that he could do videos on it every day. He complained that the headlines didn’t read “unarmed white girl killed by black male,” and lashed out at groups like the SPLC which he blamed for the violence.

He ended the video by celebrating the 2014 murder of David Ruenzel, a teacher who once wrote for the SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance project, allegedly at the hands of two black suspects. (Ruenzel’s murder remains unsolved.) “And there’s like SPLC writer [sic] that happened to be killed by one of his pets,” Ramsey said. “Well good! Fuck him!”

Ramsey has spoken at the 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 American Renaissance conferences. Coulter retweeted Ramsey once, on September 4th:

Coulter 16

It was not the first time, however:

Coulter 66Coulter 67Coulter 68



Porter is the anonymous founder of a blog called The Kakistocracy. On the blog’s “About” section Porter writes, “I believe the time for measured debate on national topics has passed. … It is instead our duty to scathe, to ridicule, to scorn, and encourage the same in others. But perhaps foremost it is our duty to hate what is being done. A healthy virile hate. For those of you not yet so animated, I can assure its effects are invigorating.”

In a post from February 2014 — responding to a New Republic article about how Denmark saved its Jewish citizens from Nazi Germany — Porter wrote sarcastically, “So obviously Jews feel an eternal debt to the Danes. As a result,Copenhagen is rotten with Gratitude Museums. So what’s the Hebrew word for ‘Thank You?’ ANTI-SEMITE!”

His hatred isn’t limited to Jews, of course. He once denounced a white man who adopted black children as a “contemptible worm” who “intentionally discards his own genetic legacy to raise aliens whom he labors to indoctrinate with obligatory hatred toward his own people.” He’s called Asian women “[s]hort, flat, foreign, and with all the curves of a cinder block.”

In one of many posts bemoaning demographic changes in the U.S. and Europe, he wrote, “[A]s the most profound victims of feminism–intelligent white women–sell their fleeting fertility to soulless corporate cube farms, their dull brown counterparts say gracias! by filling the maternity wards. The dumb produce children, while the intelligent produce HR harassment guidelines.”

Coulter not only retweeted Porter 7 times — she follows him on Twitter:

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J Burton

J Burton

With over 70,000 followers, J Burton is one of the most popular alt-right accounts on Twitter. Originally the person behind the account used it as a parody — first of mainstream conservatives and then of liberal Hillary Clinton supporters in the lead up to the 2016 election.

For his first account, Burton used a photo of William F. Buckley Jr. and called himself Conservative Pundit. He used the Twitter handle @DemsRRealRacist, which is itself an alt-right meme. Better known as DR3, it lampoons conservatives who attempt to paint Democrats as the “real racists” in order to woo minority voters.

In a March 2016 tweet as Conservative Pundit, Burton wrote, “Tonight I join Soros-funded professional agitators, mobs of feral black hoodlums, and Senator Ted Cruz in saying this is all Trump’s fault!” The tweet remains live even though Burton changed the account’s name:


And after clicking on the original tweet by Conservative Pundit on, I was redirected to Burton’s profile.

After Donald Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination, Burton changed his name to Hillary PR Team, using the Twitter handle @OnMessageForHer. As Hillary PR Team he tweeted messages mocking the family of Mike Brown and the Black Lives Matter movement:


He also followed alt-right accounts such as Adolf Joe Biden and The Z Blog:


Naturally, tweets using the Hillary PR Team persona are still active on Burton’s profile:


Burton’s antics earned him an interview with then-Daily Caller contributor and noted white supremacist Scott Greer, where he described himself as a “white Southern Evangelical.” Steve Sailer approvingly linked to the interview in May 2016. And when an obscure alt-right blog pointed out the same man who ran @DemsRRealRacist was behind @OnMessageForHer, Sailer urged people to not ruin the joke:


As J Burton, he’s recently tweeted messages in support of white identity politics, favorably compared the policies of the Founding Fathers to those of modern white nationalists, suggested Muslims refrain from moving to Switzerland, promoted the falsehood that white farmers are being disproportionately murdered in South Africa, and voiced his support for ending birthright citizenship.

Coulter follows J Burton and retweeted him 3 times:

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Penelope Maynard

Penelope Maynard

Penelope Maynard is a white nationalist with nearly 3,000 followers and whose bio describes her as “Catholic, Nationalist, Traditionalist, America First.” She frequently uses her account to send messages that portray whites, especially white men, as victims. In a September 6th tweet she wrote that the way to be given a verification badge on Twitter was to “Tweet about how you F’ING HATE WHITE PEOPLE” and “Tweet about your dreams of a WHITE GENOCIDE.”

She referred to the alleged rape of a 10-year-old German boy by an Afghan man as “DIVERSITY German-Style,” said that “Google Hates Loving White Families,” and ahistorically claimed that “White men built this country.”

On October 1st, Media Matters researcher Andrew Lawrence tweeted about a Fox News segment with Laura Ingraham, and wrote “just some real sleuthing happening over there on the fox news channel for news.” Maynard retweeted and replied, “Since Blonde haired blue-eyed people are morons what is it then? Do Afros and swarthy skin confer objectivity and greater intelligence?” She added that Lawrence’s tweet was an example of “Implicit Anti-White Hatred.”

Maynard also retweets popular white nationalists including Faith Goldy, Lana Lokteff, Paul Ramsey, Steve Franssen, and Nick Fuentes. Coulter, in turn, follows Maynard, and retweeted her 10 times:

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RRT Industries, Ltd.

RRT Industries

Yet another anti-Semitic, alt-right account which Ann Coulter follows. The individual who runs the account has implied the Holocaust was a “non-existent genocide,” disparaged African-Americans with a racist imitation, said that “grotesque trannies” are “corrupting” children, claimed that actress Mara Wilson — whose mother was Jewish — has a “genetic imperative to undermine a host country,” and called comedian Dana Goldberg “ms. jew.”

Naturally, Coulter retweeted them 6 times:

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This list is not exhaustive, as she has also retweeted anti-Semitic retired psychology professor Kevin MacDonald, the anti-immigrant hate groups NumbersUSA and FAIR, and Refugee Resettlement Watch founder Ann Corcoran.

Yet Ann’s gravitation to far-right and white nationalist figures is less than surprising given her history of racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric, including: her 2001 call to “invade” Arab countries, “kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity”; her use of the word “raghead” during a CPAC speech; her 2007 claim that Jews must be “perfected”; her claim that “[f]ew failures have been more spectacular” than desegregation; or the time she told a Muslim student concerned with religious profiling on airlines to “take a camel.”

Is it any wonder why the Neo-Nazis at the Daily Stormer and elsewhere have dubbed her “Queen Ann”?