Greg Johnson: For A White Ethnostate To Exist In The U.S., Racial Minorities Must Be Disenfranchised

Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing recently appeared on the 145th episode of Jean-François Gariépy’s The Public Space in order to hawk his latest book: The White Nationalist Manifesto. Among the various ideas Johnson discusses in his book is the actual creation of a racially homogeneous ethnostate here in the United States.

Of course, that wouldn’t just involve physically moving white and non-white people to different areas in what could be the largest ethnic cleansing on U.S. soil since the 19th century. It would also mean that, once established, whatever non-whites (if any) do reside there would be prohibited from voting, which Johnson believes is necessary for white survival.

As Johnson told Gariépy:

Let’s just say that tomorrow, we decided we were going to have a white homeland in the United States, and that we were going to have a 50 year transition to this, and there’s this nice Asian couple that you know next door and they’re 50-years-old and they’ve got a couple Golden Retrievers and they’re good citizens and they worked a long time. My attitude about them is, look, they can retire. They can enjoy their pensions. They can live their lives out. And in 50 years though they’re not gonna be around. They’re just not gonna be a problem.

And the thing that we have to do, though, is we have to make sure that these people don’t have any political influence over our societies. So we wanna take away their voting rights, we wanna take away their political power. That doesn’t mean that they won’t have human rights, that we won’t respect their right not to be murdered arbitrarily, and things like that. I believe that we can respect the human rights of all people to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and so forth. But we don’t have to give them power in our societies to shape our future.

[Emphasis added]

So in Johnson’s naïve fantasy ethnostate, even racial minorities who are otherwise upstanding citizens will not be able to cast votes on matters that impact their lives. And certainly the international community would have absolutely nothing to say about that.

Johnson continued by telling Gariépy that “we are going to have to disenfranchise these people,” and that “eventually, if the transition process that I envision takes place, there simply won’t be any of them around anymore.” He added that “every white person in his heart of hearts knows that if present trends continue, we’re not going to exist anymore in our societies.”

This book is just the latest attempt by Johnson to sanitize white nationalism. In previous Scandza Forum meetings Johnson has tried to put a happy face on the mass expulsion of non-whites from the United States, claiming that it could be peaceful. “And we don’t have to have a race war or ethnic cleansing or Day of the Rope or anything that scares people and makes people think, ‘This sounds like Nazi Germany!'” he told the 2017 Scandza Forum audience.

And during the 2018 Scandza Forum Johnson advocated using marketing research “like any other political movement or any other group that’s selling something” to find out how to make white nationalism more palatable. “There are whole spectrums of opinion in the realm of politics,” he said. “And we need to find ways of communicating the basic truths of ethno-nationalism to all white people.”

Thanks for saying the quiet part loud again, Greg.