David Knight: People Calling For The Murder Of Whites ‘Is Going To Follow’ If Universities Continue Their Current Trajectory

On the September 19, 2018 episode of Real News, InfoWars host David Knight had a dire warning for white listeners: the U.S. will go down the same path as South Africa in the next ten years or so if things remain unchanged. Knight’s guest, white nationalist and Suidlanders spokesman Simon Roche, largely echoed that sentiment.

Knight mentioned that Julius Malema, the head of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, had sung an apartheid-era song called “Shoot the Boer.” (He barely alluded to the fact that a judge found Malema guilty of hate speech for singing it in 2011.) “But [Malema’s] made it very clear that he’s going to kill white people,” Knight claimed. “He said ‘I may not be the one who organizes it but it’s gonna happen.'”

Roche, who recently starred in Lauren Southern’s propaganda film Farmlands, added that Malema “has spoken about ‘cutting the throat of whiteness,'” and that the “newly-elected chairman of the student council of what was formerly one of the most conservative Calvinist universities in the world declare that whites are no longer welcome at that university.” Roche called anti-white rhetoric “pretty pervasive” in South Africa.

In response, Knight offered this warning to his audience:

And the thing is, is that when you’re talking about saying whites are not welcome at that Calvinist university, that doesn’t sound that much different from what we’re seeing in the United States right now. You don’t have anybody holding rallies and saying “kill the white man, bring me my machine gun,” but that’s going to follow if we continue the — because it’s just a generational thing. And we have seen this get worse every ten, fifteen years because this is the educational system, the hatred that is being instilled in the American education system.

He went on to say that “people in America need to understand the end result of these same policies that are being pushed in our universities right now.” As proof of these racist, anti-white policies, Knight cited the reaction to 4chan’s campaign to plaster fliers all across college campuses that said “It’s Okay To Be White.”

Roche said that during the Suidlaners’ tour of the U.S. — in which he and other members met with prominent white supremacists and Holocaust deniers — he would repeatedly tell people that they “have watched this movie before.

“We know how it ends,” Roche continued. “Take our word for it when we tell you that you are maybe ten years behind us. Not necessarily in every single aspect of your society, but then again some aspects of your society are more radical, more Leftist, more humanist, more moral relativist than ours are. But if you are to take it as an average, you’re probably just about a decade behind us.”

“I would agree. I would agree,” said Knight.