Headlines — 9/8/18

Scott Greer is ousted from the Daily Caller for white nationalist writings, Alex Jones is finally banned from Twitter, Trump’s SCOTUS pick obsessed over Vince Foster conspiracies, and more.

The Atlantic – Daily Caller editor wrote for alt-right Radix Journal.
NBC News – Cincinnati police tased 11-year-old girl accused of shoplifting.
Right Wing Watch – Podcast distributors are hosting an ‘alt-right’ podcast network.
Media Matters – YouTube banned Alex Jones, but it’s letting white supremacist content thrive.
Think Progress – Inspiring: Two of your least favorite people almost started fighting with each other.
The Daily Beast – Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and InfoWars.
Vox – Twitter explains why it won’t ban white nationalist Richard Spencer.
Rolling Stone – Charlottesville jury fines man $1 for punching white nationalist.
The Salt Lake Tribune – Idaho-based white supremacist group’s ‘We Negroes’ robo-call attempts to ‘weaponize  race’ in Florida campaign.
Denver Post – Boulder County Republican out after alt-right blog surfaces.
Splinter – Kavanaugh was obsessed with conspiracy theory about Clintons killing someone.
BuzzFeed News – Apple has permanently banned Alex Jones’ InfoWars app from the app store.