Headlines — 8/26/18

Lana Lokteff advocates for a white ethnostate, Tucker Carlson helps turn white supremacist beliefs into White House policy, Milo Yiannopoulos complains that his life has been ruined, and more.

Right Wing Watch – ‘Alt-right’ radio host: America ‘can never, ever, ever, be too white’
Salon – Milo Yiannopoulos attacks his fans for failing to support him emotionally and financially.
Think Progress – The far-right is already gloating over the tragic death of Mollie Tibbits.
The Baffler – The ‘classical liberal’ pivot.
Media Matters – With Trump’s South Africa tweet, Tucker Carlson has turned a white nationalist narrative into White House policy.
HuffPost – Tech companies promised to stop helping Neo-Nazis raise money. They haven’t.
Vox – Peter Brimelow, the white nationalist with close ties to the White House’s economic adviser, explained.
The Stranger – There were a few arrests, and some yelling, but overall, the alt-right rally on Saturday was pretty boring.
Vice – Italy’s Matteo Salvini won’t let 148 migrants off a rescue boat. That might be kidnapping.
Rewire.News – Prosecute ICE agents? Immigrant advocates say yes.
Splinter – Trump hosted a QAnon conspiracy theorist in the White House.
Los Angeles Times – Two men sentenced to prison for garage attack during Charlottesville white nationalist rally.
Minneapolis Star Tribune – Judge allows subpoenas for Neo-Nazi website publisher’s dad.