Headlines — 7/19/18

The GOP refuses to condemn white supremacist Steve King, Neo-Nazi Patrick Little to speak at “Unite the Right 2,” a Corey Stewart staffer was caught in an alt-right chat, and more.

BuzzFeed News – Alt-right troll to father killer: The unraveling of Lane Davis.
HuffPost – Steve King is a white supremacist, and the GOP doesn’t care.
Media Matters – Kirstjen Nielsen on Charlottesville and white supremacist violence: “It’s not that one side is right, one side is wrong.”
Think Progress – GOP’s only black senator just killed nomination of Trump judicial pick suspected of being racist.
Right Wing Watch – Neo-Nazi Patrick Little welcome to address ‘Unite the Right 2,’ despite Jason Kessler’s assertions.
The Intercept – Trump finds a new weapon for his war on journalism — leak indictments aimed at smearing reporters.
Alternet – Here’s the dark plan a bigoted Trump ally is pushing to change the meaning of American citizenship.
Raw Story – White woman tells biracial family to ‘get out of Berkeley’ and then plays the victim when cops show up.
The Daily Beast – GOP candidate Corey Stewart’s staffer was in alt-right hate rally chat.
Richmond Times-Dispatch – Prosecutors ask for bond to be revoked for white nationalist Christopher Cantwell.