Headlines — 7/13/18

Lauren Southern agrees that Nelson Mandela was “evil,” two more Republican candidates go on white supremacist podcasts, Gamergate ringleader expresses belated remorse, and more.

Paste Magazine – Trump retweeted a racist, sexist, homophobic extremist…again.
The Outline – Gamergate ringleader experiences moral crisis, four years late.
The Daily Dot – What is cultural Marxism? Explaining and debunking the popular term.
The Daily Beast
– Two GOP candidates went on white power podcasts in the last two weeks.
Media Matters – NewsBusters promoted a white nationalist piece that claimed Black people are ‘a threat to all’ they encounter.
Right Wing Watch – Jesse Lee Peterson & Lauren Southern: Nelson Mandela was evil, South Africa better under apartheid.
Splinter – The eugenicist doctor and the vast fortune behind Trump’s immigration regime.
Forward – Pepe scrubbed from Daily Stormer after legal challenge.
Think Progress – Anti-Antifa bill would punish masked protesters with up to 15 years in prison.
HuffPost – Neo-Nazi who wanted to ‘save the train from the black people’ cops to terrorism charge.
The Root – Former firefighter who hanged noose outside black neighbor’s apartment pleads guilty to interfering with right to fair housing.
New Republic – How the Supreme Court kills Roe v. Wade.