Eric Striker Wants Young White Men To Wage ‘War’ For Their Interests At Home

On a recent episode of her livestream series, A Comfy Tangent, pseudonymous white nationalist BigCat Kayla interviewed Neo-Nazi podcaster Eric Striker, who claimed that the only time white men are treated with respect is when they join the military.

Striker told Kayla that left-wing groups like Antifa are “consumerists” and that “the Jews give them the only meaning you’re allowed to have,” which is to become a soldier.

“That is the only time you as a white can have honor in this society, in this neoliberal order,” Striker said. “This is the only time you can have a collective accolade — feel part of something — is when you’re storming the beaches of Normandy to fight the Nazis.”

Kayla brought up U.S. soldiers in the Middle East which, she and Striker agreed, are only fighting for the interests of “ZOG” — or “Zionist Occupied Government.”

And she suggested that white nationalists “reach out” to young white men, especially veterans, in order to give them a renewed sense of purpose, which she claimed might reduce veteran suicide rates. And besides, she continued, “if we don’t do it, somebody else will.”

Striker agreed, and added that they should work to persuade “white, heterosexual, normal, non-Jewish men” to fight a “war” for white supremacy at home, instead of fighting for the government abroad:

So what is this system telling these guys? You’re not good for anything other than going to Iraq and having your legs blown off, or dying in some IED attack [while] invading someone else’s country for Jews. And so that is something that we have to work backwards from and tell ’em, ‘No, you actually do have value. You have value as part of something greater, and it’s not predicated on the whims of some yid like Bill Kristol or Paul Wolfowitz. You can have you’re own honor and respect. But you have to fight for [it]. And the war is not in the Middle East, it’s here in America.’ That’s what you have to tell these men.

And so far a disturbing number of high-profile white supremacists have heeded that call, from Identity Evropa founder Nathan Damigo, to Salting the Earth host Brian Brathovd, to Vanguard America’s Dillon Irizarry, to former War Room host Sacco Vandal.

Some, like hatecore performer Wade Michael Page, have brought the war home in a more literal sense by murdering racial and religious minorities.

And recently a violent protester who attended last year’s “Unite the Right” rally and bragged about “crack[ing] three skulls open with virtually no damage to myself” was outed as an 18-year-old Marine named Vasillios Pistolis.

Pistolis, a member of the violent Atomwaffen Division, showed off a photo of a bloodied flag he carried at “Unite the Right.” “Not my blood,” he boasted to his friends. He was court-martialed and will be discharged from the Marine Corps.