White Supremacists Celebrate Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Trump’s Travel Ban

Yesterday the Supreme Court announced its decision on President Trump’s travel ban. In a 5-4 ruling authored by Chief Justice Roberts, the ban on immigrants from 7 countries, 5 of which are majority Muslim, was upheld in spite of Trump’s numerous Islamophobic statements. This was the third and final iteration of the so-called “Muslim ban” Trump promised to enact in late 2015 following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

As Roberts explained, the Court was free to look to bigoted statements made by the president, including “I think Islam hates us” and “we’re having problems with the Muslims coming into the country.” However, under the rational basis test, since the government could show a non-discriminatory purpose for their otherwise facially neutral policy, the ban was ultimately kept in place.

Roberts wrote:

But the issue before us is not whether to denounce [Trump’s] statements. It is instead the significance of those statements in reviewing a Presidential directive, neutral on its face, addressing a matter within the core of executive responsibility. In doing so, we must consider not only the statements of a particular President, but also the authority of the Presidency itself.

. . .

It cannot be said that it is impossible to “discern a relationship to legitimate state interests” or that the policy is “inexplicable by anything but animus.” Indeed, the dissent can only attempt to argue otherwise by refusing to apply anything resembling rational basis review. But because there is persuasive evidence that the entry suspension has a legitimate grounding in national security concerns, quite apart from any religious hostility, we must accept that independent justification.

Pro-Trump conservatives cheered the decision in Trump v. Hawaii as a victory for the rule of law, but it also found plenty of support among overtly racist alt-right activists. At The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin announced the decision with the headline, “Supreme Court Upholds Moslem Ban! HAJIS OUT!” Anglin wrote:

It’s time to ride through your town and shout at every person of Middle Eastern descent “GET THE FUCK OUT YOU FILTHY ANIMAL – IT’S THE LAW!”

Because it is officially the law that these people have to get the fuck out.

Or at least that they’re not allowed to come in… and reason dictates that means they should be forced to leave.

. . .

There just needs to be a process to rush these nonsense rulings from the federal courts to the Supreme Court so we can make this stuff happen FASTER.

How many peace religioners entered the country in the time it took for the SCOTUS to get to say that Trump’s order was OBVIOUSLY legal?

The point they make that it wasn’t motivated by bias is in itself bullshit, I want to say. That is totally irrelevant. He is allowed to ban anyone for any reason, and “any reason” includes him personally hating Moslems because they are filthy, greasy, evil monkeys.

I wish them all luck.

Plenty of places for these niggers to go.

In an article for Infostormer, a Daily Stormer affiliate, white supremacist Lee Rogers similarly praised the ruling, and wrote that “Jews and leftists who want America turned into a brown shithole can choke on your tears for all I care”:

The entire legal challenge was always a joke. The fact that this had to go all the way to the Supreme Court and only get upheld by a 5-4 vote is ridiculous. Immigration laws passed by Congress give the President enormous discretion over who is and isn’t allowed into the country. This is just a basic fact.

And besides, Trump’s travel bans were against individual countries. Yes, these countries have large Moslem populations but not every person in them is a Moslem. And he didn’t order bans against all countries that have a majority-Moslem population. So the entire legal argument has always been an insane joke. The lower court judges that overturned Trump’s travel ban did so because they are Communists and are engaging in activism from the bench.

So yeah, the Moslem ban is and always has been Constitutional. All you Jews and leftists who want America turned into a brown shithole can choke on your tears for all I care.

On Twitter, other alt-right figures joined the celebration. The Right Stuff’s Jesse Dunstan boasted that the “President has constitutionally granted broad discretion in who does and doesn’t get to enter the country and all you can do is cry.” He added in another tweet, “This is who America is. We detain Mexican children and send them back. We don’t let Muslims in. This is what America wants”:

Racist vlogger Paul Ramsey, better known as RamZPaul, tweeted, “Trump wins Supreme Court victory!”:

Paul Kersey, the pseudonymous founder of the website Stuff Black People Don’t Like, claimed that “9/11 was the day I realized no Muslims should ever, EVER be allowed entry into the USA again,” and blamed groups like the ACLU for “flood[ing] our great nation with Saracens”:

White nationalist Nick Fuentes joked that perhaps Trump can now “wield executive power to the fullest extent-AVE IMPERATOR!”:

The Twitter account for the hate group VDARE called judges who ruled against the travel ban “crazy” and :

Richard Spencer quoted from Roberts’ opinion and added, wrongly, that “Non-citizens have no rights”:

Meanwhile on the alt-right-friendly website Gab, the account for /r/The_Donald Reddit posted a photo depicting Pepe the Frog and Wojak superimposed over the Justices’ faces:


And Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell said the decision was a “great feeling” and added that he hopes “Ruth Bader Ginsburg falls down the stairs”:


It seems that fringe activists who want to make America white again have plenty to cheer for in this opinion. And with LGBTQ and reproductive rights on the chopping block thanks to Justice Kennedy’s imminent retirement, it seems they still have plenty to hope for.