Jim Goad Is Worried That White People Will Be Forced To Wear Badges

On the latest episode of The Public Space, Takimag writer Jim Goad warned Jean-François Gariépy that white genocide will happen any moment now. Goad, a racist hipster/ex-con who interviews white nationalists on his own podcast and flogs the myth of “white slavery,” believes that we’re headed toward a future in which the treatment of white people will rival that of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Goad complained to Gariépy that every other group of people except whites is allowed to engage in identity politics, and repeatedly referenced an unspoken “original deal” where everyone would “just be people.” It’s unclear to what “deal” Goad is referring, or when it was entered into. After the abolition of chattel slavery? Or the end of segregation in public schools? Or in private businesses?

At any rate, Goad said, “whiteness became demonized” and “black power, brown power” became acceptable. And because of this supposed demonization, white people will be persecuted in the same manner as Nazi-era German Jews:

White men are Jews, white males are pretty much, yeah, we’re gonna — what would be the equivalent for a white male of a yellow star? Like a vanilla milkshake decal we’ll have to wear or somethin’? I dunno.

While this statement was made slightly in jest, Goad followed up by saying, “It’s comin’ though. I mean, ’cause historically, dehumanizing an entire group like that is a precursor for slaughtering them. And I hope I’m being paranoid about that.”

Gariépy agreed with Goad, stating that, “[W]e’re currently building up to genocide of white people being a socially acceptable thing, and we’re already there. There are people, there are Leftists on Twitter saying white people reproducing is a bad thing. It’s a problem.” It should go without saying, but this is far from concrete evidence of an imminent genocide.

He also predicted that “we’re  just a few decades before a full attack on white people.” Goad called himself “black pilled” on the subject of “white genocide,” but hinted that, were an attack on whites to take place, he would fight back. “There’s still some viking blood there somewhere,” he told Gariépy. Of course Gariépy also saw violence as inevitable, stating that “reclaiming your status in society is generally done violently.”