At The 2018 Scandza Forum, Alt-Right Leaders Struggle Over How To Market White Supremacy To The Mainstream

In early April, prominent white nationalists held their second annual Scandza Forum in Stockholm, Sweden. The event attracted some of the movement’s biggest names: F. Roger Devlin, Greg Johnson, Colin “Millennial Woes” Robertson, Jared Taylor, and Marcus “Golden One” Follin. Patrick Casey, the current leader of Identity Evropa, covered the event for Red Ice, which released video of the speeches a month later.

Last year, speakers like Johnson, Robertson, Mike Enoch, and Third Rail host Lauritz von Guildhausen held a lively discussion on the best ways to ethnically cleanse the U.S. and Europe of non-whites. Johnson, his face obscured by special effect, predicted that there would be no need for a “race war, or [violent] ethnic cleansing, or Day of the Rope, or anything that scares people and makes people think, This sounds like Nazi Germany!

But those were the halcyon days of 2017. Now, acutely aware that their movement is in danger, these same white nationalists are pathetically trying to rebrand themselves, and make ordinary white people forget all that “Blood and Soil” stuff from Charlottesville. That — along with a dollop of white self-pity — was the theme of Scandza 2018. As the event’s host Fróði Midjord put it:

That’s why the theme of this event is “normalizing nationalism.” And by that I don’t mean that we should strive to become accepted by the current mainstream or anything like that. I mean that we should replace the current mainstream.

And thus the rest of the speakers more or less set about to do just that — though they were generally light on actual ideas. Jared Taylor, who started his speech by calling it his “privilege” to address the audience “in the language of imperialism,” admitted the obvious: that white nationalists are in the “minority.” He told listeners that, “[I]f we’re going to stop making noise and start making policy, there have to be a lot more of us who think as we do.”


He suggested that white nationalists try to better market their ideas to the public:

And in that respect I think that we can borrow on all of the sales techniques that have been honed over the years for trying to persuade people to do anything: buy a car, a new tube of toothpaste, or think in a particular way.

As to how they would go about doing so, Taylor said it mainly came down to appearance. He noted that there would always be a certain number of white people who believed — or, rather, understood the reality — that their ideas would lead to ethnic cleansing. He lamented that, “People have convinced themselves that those of us who draw racial distinctions, that just goes straight to extermination.”

“Well, as we think about how to mainstream our ideas,” he continued, “what would be the easiest, most effective way to persuade those people that they’re right? Well of course it’s this stuff,” he said, giving several half-hearted, mock Nazi salutes.

“Anyone who has the slightest sense that they’re going to start a movement in the United States by appealing to what happened between 1933 and 1945 in Germany, that that’s just a complete and total mistake,” he added. “And I don’t think I have to tell the people in this room that that is a very mistaken approach to any kind of sales job.”

Instead of embracing Nazi imagery, even ironically, Taylor said white nationalists must instead “appear as normal, as attractive as possible.” In fact, he said, “[W]e have to be almost boringly normal, but also as attractive as possible, to make these unpalatable ideas palatable.”

This explains why modern day fascists are opting for khakis and polos instead of brown button-down shirts and swastika armbands. And some media outlets — I’m looking at you Mother Jones and The Sunday Times — have played right into their hands by fixating on these cosmetic changes and not their horrifically racist ideas. Journalists especially have to remember not to play this game, no matter how “dapper” white supremacists look.


Counter-Currents Publishing founder Greg Johnson offered advice very similar to Taylor’s.

He elaborated on four “nonnegotiable” points that white nationalists should stick to. The first is that “whiteness is a necessary condition of being part of any European people,” and that the concept of a black Swede is simply a “legal fiction.” Second, that “whites are demographically threatened.” Third, that the solution to this demographic threat is “ethno-nationalism” for whites. And fourth, that Jews are distinct from whites and deserve their own homeland.

Johnson said white nationalists should change the way they “communicate” these ideas to white people in order to convince them that they’re true. To “change the mainstream to fit our ideas,” as he put it. Like Taylor, Johnson also likened this method to a sales pitch:

We should be doing market research like any other political movement or any other group that’s selling something. Selling ideas. Selling products. We haven’t really been doing that yet. But when you do research on your “market,” so to speak, you divide it up into all kinds of different constituencies. There are people who are divided by class. There are people who are divided by levels of education. People who belong to different subcultures, and so forth. There are whole spectrums of opinion in the realm of politics. And we need to find ways of communicating the basic truths of ethno-nationalism to all white people.

That, Johnson claimed, is “the project of making the mainstream more like us. We have to redefine the mainstream by communicating our ideas to as many of our people as possible. And that means that we have to learn how to speak to as many of our people as possible.”

Other speakers mostly complained about everything from “white genocide” to the infighting that plagues the alt-right movement — and every white supremacist movement, one might add.


F. Roger Devlin remarked that there is “nothing unusual about understanding racial differences, the legitimacy of preferring one’s blood relatives to strangers, or the desirability of patriotism or loyalty to one’s tribe.” However he said people who believe in such ideas are an “embattled minority,” and everyone else must be reeducated about these beliefs.

He called this task “herculean,” however, and noted that their “opponents” have “enjoyed some success” in rightfully denouncing them as “extremists” over their views of Muslims and non-whites. In an effort to turn the table, Devlin said:

Today the leaders of European-derived peoples all over the world are determined that their subjects shall identify with the human race as a whole, shedding all particular loyalties. Europeans shall no longer distinguish between their neighbors and strangers. They shall not object to the import of hostile aliens into their living space. Nor even to being replaced by them. This project of the European and North American elite is every bit as radical as the Soviet Communism of old. Though distinct from it in certain ways.

In other words, Devlin wishes to position multiculturalism as the truly extreme ideology — something that warps the naturally racist nature of mankind. And he looks at people who “identify with the human race as a whole” with obvious disdain. A bit later in his talk he said that white nationalists need to take the focus off of Neo-Nazis and put it back on the threat of white “extinction”:

While European women are being raped and murdered as a result of policies [the mainstream media] support, they want the public to be upset over some fool giving a Hitler salute. While the European birthrate sinks toward 1.3 children per woman, they want people to worry about somebody posting unkind thoughts on Facebook or Twitter. We must always remain focused on the essential point that the result of current European policy will be the extinction of our civilization and our people.

Marcus Follin, an alt-right YouTuber who goes by the name “Golden One,” gave a brief speech reassuring the audience that it was acceptable to lose friends over their racism. In fact, Follin suggested they were better off without their former friends’ “insanity.” To those who insisted that “white genocide” is a myth, he told them to look no further than South Africa.


And Colin Robertson, an alt-right vlogger with a creepy fixation on bestiality and pedophilia, bemoaned the constant squabbling between white nationalists who, unlike the Left, constantly “tear each other down.” Oddly enough, the 2018 Scandza Forum speakers largely played into this infighting, taking sides on the alt-right “optics debate,” and siding firmly with people who eschew Nazi imagery and violent rhetoric. (Though Robertson’s speech did not touch on this controversy.)

On the other hand, he said that the Left “just get[s] things done.” He marveled at the pro-gun control “March for Our Lives” which attracted hundreds of thousands of protesters in late March. “Can you imagine us arranging something like that?” he asked. “With thousands of people attending. It’s remarkable. It’s almost magical the way the Left advances throughout culture, throughout society over the decades.”

The entire conference can probably be boiled down to an attempt to make terrible, racist ideas acceptable to the masses by changing how they advertise them. White nationalist thought leaders have no desire to moderate what they believe.

Behind closed doors in Sweden they engage in banter about how wonderful colonialism was for Africans, why it’s natural to prefer white Gentiles over blacks and Jews, and how the “genocide” of all white people is at hand. All the while they scheme about ways to make the mainstream see them as ordinary political activists. As normal. But they’re not normal, and they can never be allowed to be viewed as such.