Headlines — 5/26/18

The “Unite the Right” organizers face a groundbreaking lawsuit, Gavin McInnes sics his Proud Boys on a Twitter user, the government is breaking up migrant families, and more.

Mother Jones – Here’s how the government managed to lose track of 1,500 migrant children.
Reason – The ‘Protect and Serve Act’ is both unnecessary and an assault on federalism.
Media Matters – A short history of phony anti-Trump conspiracy theories.
Think Progress – White supremacists behind violent Charlottesville rally face lawsuit with major implications.
Right Wing Watch – Richard Spencer: The alt-right is not pro-free speech.
HuffPost – A member of the far-right Proud Boys menaced a Twitter user on his doorstep.
Splinter – The secret, all-white committee advising New Orleans’ black woman mayor on the fate of Confederate statues.
BuzzFeed News – A man who said he was going ‘Guat hunting’ has been sentenced to life in prison for killing a Latino teen.
Washington Post – How a child born more than 400 years ago became a symbol of white nationalism.
Vice – What separating migrant families at the border actually looks like.
The Root – Protesters challenge NFL’s national anthem rule in front of the master’s house.
Daily Intelligencer – Lawyer famous for racism says racism not the ‘real me.’
Wired – How the media helped legitimize extremism.