Headlines — 5/17/18

The host of This Hour Has 88 Minutes revealed as a Canadian coffee shop owner, white supremacists cheer John Kelly’s anti-immigrant remarks, Richard Spencer advocated for enslaving Haitians, and more.

Vice – The racist podcaster who started a Neo-Nazi coffee company to fund white nationalism.
The Outline – The creeping spectre of ‘white genocide.’
Media Matters
– White supremacists praise John Kelly’s disparaging of undocumented immigrants.
Right Wing Watch – Richard Spencer: U.S. military should have enslaved Haitians after hurricane instead of providing relief.
Mother Jones – How a court ruling on Joe Arpaio could undermine civil rights and the Mueller investigation.
Think Progress – Austrian far-right group facing criminal charges.
Concord Monitor – White supremacist shot, killed in Claremont parking lot, N.H. AG says.
Missoula Current – Montana AG intervenes in Whitefish woman’s lawsuit against Neo-Nazi blogger.
Splinter – Georgia Republican Michael Williams is driving ‘Deportation Bus’ around to win votes.
Reason – The ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ is just rehashing old P.C. controversies in new media.
BuzzFeed News – The newest star of the Trump movement ran a Trump-bashing publication — less than two years ago.
The Root – Jury finds man dubbed the ‘George Zimmerman of Alabama’ guilty in killing of unarmed black teen.