Even White Nationalists Know Mike Peinovich Is A Bumbling Ignoramus

Mike “Enoch” Peinovich — the Right Stuff founder and host of The Daily Shoah and Strike and Mike — wants to be viewed as a well-read, “big brained” advocate of white nationalism. For those studying the modern-day white power scene it’s evident that nothing could be further from the truth.

According to Newsweek, Peinovich is struggling to defend himself against a federal lawsuit brought by several protesters injured during last year’s “Unite the Right” rally. Peinovich is representing himself, and trying to avoid having to turn over the identities of his website’s anonymous users.

But unfortunately for the 41-year-old racist podcaster, arrogance is no substitute for knowledge or skill. As Georgetown Law professor David Hyman pointed out to Newsweek, Peinovich is probably unaware of how he can best secure the identities of his website’s users. “There’s a reason why people go to law school,” Hyman said.

And now even users of the alt-right forum My Posting Career (MPC) appear to have grown weary of his childish courtroom antics.

Reacting to the Newsweek piece, MPC administrator Brian Uecker (a.k.a. “Pleasureman”) dismissed Peinovich as “unteachable” and wrote, “The fact that Enoch is pro se is proof that he’s broke and the 10,000 goon army of TRS white warriors is unwilling or unable to provide real monetary assistance.”

One user going by the name Deportation Consultant brutally mocked Peinovich, writing that he:

[S]hrewdly spent the past year tactically divesting himself of all assets to render himself judgment proof for this exact moment. It’s 88-D chess! Even if the leathery old battle-ax who is suing him prevails, all she’ll be able to claim is a foldout couch, some vape juice, assorted sweat-stained XL shirts (some solid black, others silkscreened with stale memes), a pair of Ray-Bans, dog-eared copies of Mein Kampf and You Gentiles, a crusty coffee mug with echo parentheses on the side, and a thumb drive with 5 terabytes of BKM images and disorganized audio drops. The really juicy assets ($1,300 worth of audio recording equipment, Sven’s vinyl collection and guitars, a 2011 Ford Fiesta) are owned by the LLC and thus bankruptcy remote. Checkmate, Shlomo!

He also asked whether Peinovich expects to win by “#redpilling the judge on the JQ or something?” Three posts down another user accused Peinovich of “embody[ing] all the worst stereotypes about Americans,” and called him “fat, ugly, loud, emotionally immature, arrogant, hypocritical, judgemental [sic], openly proud of his own ignorance,” and “extremely opinionated about s**t he knows nothing about.”

Uecker posted a screenshot of Peinovich excoriating a TRS forum user for doubting his legal acumen, and concluded that Peinovich is both “unbelievably dumb” and completely out of his element. (The TRS 504um, meanwhile, is once again closed to non-members.)

KingGoy imagined how poorly the TRS founder’s court appearances might have gone:

“Your honor,” Self-Lawyer Mike Enoch said as he leaned against the table,  slipping briefly as the papers he rested his hand on slid, “this whole civil suit is an abortion of the law. I can only think of one other time in western legal tradition that the spirit of the law was so thoroughly *burp* pilloried by people like the Plaintiff. When, you ask? THE NUREMBURG TRIALS. Here’s why.”

And Thawingpage pointed out that, given the fact that the TRS users’ identities are on the line, it might make sense to lawyer up, as other white nationalists have done. But in Peinovich’s case, he wrote, “Mike seems to think his experience debating youtube [sic] skeptics makes him a qualified practitioner of law.”

Others poked fun at the fact that he threw away a lucrative job, a NYC apartment, and a devoted wife to spend his days as a “couch surfer.” There was one reference to a well-known Simpsons joke in which the recently divorced Kirk Van Houten moved into a rundown apartment, boasting to Homer that he “sleep[s] in a racing car, do you you?” (Homer’s reply: “I sleep in a big bed with my wife.”)

But perhaps no one summed up Peinovich’s process of self sabotage better than Unprofessional Behaviorist:

There seems to be a pattern with Enoch:

1. Do something that everyone with a brain tells him not to do.

2. Predictable consequences occur.

3. Bluster in outrage about how those consequences never would have happened if the people everyone warned him about had acted differently than the manner in which everyone predicted they would.

Maybe he should start listening to people for a change.