Headlines — 4/22/18

Right-wing media promotes anti-Semitic activist “Hotep Jesus,” several white supremacists are running for office in 2018, Enoch Powell’s racist “Rivers of Blood” speech turns 50, and more.

HuffPost – Militarized cops at tiny Georgia Neo-Nazi rally arrest counterprotesters for wearing masks.
The Daily Beast – The Waco raid at 25: Enough with the fairy tale lies.
Right Wing Watch – Right-wing media promote an anti-Semitic extremist to mock Starbucks controversy.
The Nation – Election 2018 is off to the racists.
Hatewatch – McInnes, Molyneux, and 4chan: Investigating pathways to the alt-right.
The Washington Post – ‘Imploding’: Financial troubles. Lawsuits. Trailer park brawls. Has the alt-right peaked?
Salon – The fall of the ‘alt-right’ came from anti-fascism.
Vice – Here are the far-right conspiracists the Quebec City mosque shooter followed.
Think Progress – Russian attempts to woo American white supremacists have backfired.
Motherboard – Conspiracy theorists just want to feel special.
Daily Intelligencer – Why conservatives love defending the Confederate flag.
Task & Purpose – Marine booted over white nationalist ties, alleged role in planning Charlottesville rally.
Tallahassee Democrat – White nationalist leader Jordan Jereb charged with making a false report.
Syracuse.com – Syracuse University expels Theta Tau frat over ‘extremely racist’ video.
The Atlantic – ‘Rivers of Blood’: The legacy of a speech that divided Britain.