Headlines — 4/08/18

Two Virginia “flaggers” are sentenced for removing tarps from Confederate statues, the Daily Stormer may be compelled to reveal its funding, Laurier student Lindsay Shepherd thinks the Left gives white nationalism a bad name, and more.

The Daily Beast – Neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer might have to reveal its funding in libel lawsuit.
babe – This racist alt-right leader used to be a pro-LGBT beauty blogger.
HuffPost – Teacher who hosted white nationalist podcast submits resignation.
Vice – The alt-right is a subculture without a culture.
PressProgress – Wilfrid Laurier’s Lindsay Shepherd disavows the Left for giving ‘white nationalists’ a bad name.
Chicago Tribune – Virginia mother blames herself in ‘alt-right’ killer case.
Mic – Leaked Neo-Nazi chat room shows a movement self-destructing in real time.
Right Wing Watch – Alt-right activist on state of the movement: ‘We are fucked.’
The Daily Progress – Two found guilty, given jail time over removal of tarps from Confederate statues.
Mondoweiss – Seven things you need to know about Israel’s latest attack on Gaza.
The Forward – White supremacist flyers posted at Rutgers University.
The Electronic Intifada – New York Times sides with Israel as it kills Gaza marchers.
The Intercept – Muslims accused of plotting violence get seven times more media attention and four times longer sentences.
Raw Story – White man stabs a Muslim nurse and calls her a ‘sand nigger’ during hate-filled attack in Houston.
Newsweek – State Dept. leaves role to combat anti-Semitism open as attacks on Jews rise in U.S. and Europe.
The Nation – How racism could drive support for war with Iran.