Headlines — 3/21/18

Charlottesville prosecutor botches the case against Jason Kessler, the Austin bomber is identified as 23-year-old Mark Conditt, Atomwaffen Division is being infiltrated by self-identified Satanists, and more.

NYMag – What we know about Austin bomber Mark Conditt.
The Weekly Standard
– Marion Le Pen’s European Identitarianism is just Neo-Nazism with good marketing.
Think Progress – Charlottesville prosecutor loses cases against hate rally organizer for the dumbest reason.
The Intercept – Jason Jorjani fancied himself an intellectual leader of a white supremacist movement — then it came crashing down.
Media Matters – Director at pro-Trump group boasted of asking airline passengers with ‘a rag’ on their heads if they were terrorists.
Right Wing Watch – ‘The Storm’ conspiracy theorists now believe the FBI coming after ‘QAnon’ for Austin bombings.
Tallahassee Democrat – Tallahassee white supremacist taken away in handcuffs after FBI search.
The Root – Anti-fascists out Wells Fargo mortgage consultant as tiki-torch-toting white supremacist.
TechCrunch – YouTube is reportedly introducing your kids to conspiracy theories, too.
Mashable – Bitcoin’s blockchain contains potentially illegal content, researchers find.
The Daily Beast – Satanism drama is tearing apart the murderous Neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen.