Headlines — 3/20/18

Andy Warski boasts about sexually assaulting a drunk woman, an explanation of the anti-Semitic Rothschild conspiracy, white supremacists are down to their last fundraising platform, and more.

HuffPost – Are attacks on white farmers really racially motivated? Here are the facts.
– Alt-right is dying, but powerful conservatives are mainstreaming its ideas.
Think Progress – ‘This is all we’ve got’: Young white supremacists are down to their last fundraising platform.
Right Wing Watch – YouTuber beloved by the alt-right bragged about sexually assaulting a drunk woman.
BuzzFeed News – Cambridge Analytica’s CEO was filmed secretly bragging about entrapping politicians with sex workers.
Media Matters – Right-wing media downplay Cambridge Analytica stealing personal data to help the Trump campaign.
Raw Story – Law student’s job offer yanked after he’s caught saying rape is ‘funny’ and ‘blacks are tree ornaments.”
Rewire.News – Allowing fake clinics to spread lies keeps reproductive care access from people of color.
Hatewatch – Multiple reports of domestic abuse haunt the alt-right amid widespread fracturing.
The Washington Post – The Rothschilds, a pamphlet by ‘Satan’ and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories tied to a battle 200 years ago.
Mondoweiss – Israeli court denies Ahed Tamimi’s request for a public trial.
The Conversation – Peter Dutton’s ‘fast track’ for white South African farmers is a throwback to a long, racist history.
The Daily Dot – Poll: Americans think there’s a ‘deep state’ — even if they don’t know what it is.
The Cut – Mississippi’s only abortion clinic sues state over the nation’s most restrictive abortion law.