Headlines — 3/15/18

South Africa’s land debate gets hijacked by alt-right media, the Traditionalist Worker Party starts to implode, Identity Evropa holds its first conference, and more.

The Daily Beast – Alt-right YouTuber accused of luring autistic teen in pregnancy plot.
Think Progress – Tennessee Republicans block resolution condemning Neo-Nazis.
Media Matters – YouTube outsources truth to Wikipedia.
Raw Story – Neo-Nazi groups are increasingly spreading their hate from buildings and overpasses.
HuffPost – Horrifying videos show racist moms teaching kids to be patriots by vandalizing a mosque.
Truthdig – Trump’s position on guns defies reason and reality.
Right Wing Watch – A white supremacist group is crashing and burning in real time.
Snopes – A gory image of a white child who was attacked by a dog was stolen and used by propagandists to spread fear about ‘white genocide’ in South Africa.
Quartz – South Africa’s much needed land debate is being turned into an international racist rant.
The Root – These are the women of color who fought both sexism and the racism of white feminists.
Hatewatch – Identity Evropa holds its first national conference setting off a dispute over who represents the future of the alt-right.
Wonkette – Wisconsin parents pretty darn upset when ‘white privilege’ discussion sneaks into MLK Day.